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Sociology and Anthropology provide important skills that can lead to a wide range of careers. Some possibilities can be found in the following summaries:

For further information about careers in Sociology or Anthropology, you can visit Counselling and Development either in-person at H-440 (SGW) and AD-103 (Loyola) or via their website

Whether you are a student who is just starting your degree in Sociology or Anthropology or if you are about to graduate, Counselling and Development offer career services such as Career Counselling, Career and Placement Services (CAPS), Career Resource Centre, and Career Computer Lab

Susan Hawke, who is a librarian at the Career Resource Centre at Counselling and Development, has prepared a list of books and Internet sites for careers in Sociology and Anthropology.

Download the list of sociology career resources
Download the list of anthropology career resources

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