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Undergraduate Programs

Before registering, new students must attend an Orientation Session. Please consult the Student Advising page for more details.

Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

For more information about programs and general information, see the links below or the Concordia University Undergraduate Calendar.

Sociology is devoted to an understanding of social structures and processes, the many institutions that humankind has formed as well as the various patterns of human behaviour and social interaction (cooperation, competition, conflict).

It is based on the fact that human beings are social creatures, and as such, live and die as members of and contributors to common social traditions, and that society exists as an organized body of attitudes, beliefs, and patterns of behaviour, that are amenable to systematic observation, investigation, and analysis by means of reliable methods and techniques.

As an academic discipline, Sociology is a well-established field of study. As an intellectual enterprise, Sociology makes a substantial contribution to a Liberal Arts education. Knowledge of the field enables the student to think critically and analytically about problems which are part of his or her own society. His/Her willingness and ability to think about the reasons for poverty, prejudice and other social problems are enhanced and increased through exposure to Sociology.

Anthropology is devoted to studying other cultures and through such study becoming aware of the many possible forms which such institutions as the family, art, politics or economics can take.

Anthropology exposes many of the things which we in the West assume to be natural to, in fact, be cultural constructions of it (such as the notion that there are two sexes-some cultures recognize three; or that it is normal for human beings to be acquisitive, many cultures are far more interested in exchange). Above all, Anthropology helps to expand our notions of what it means to be a person by introducing us to what is involved in becoming a person to the Tamil, Inuit or Ndembu way.

The Anthropology Programme offers a major, a minor, a specialization, and an honours in Anthropology, as well as a joint specialization with Sociology. The Anthropology Programme is staffed by eight full-time Anthropologists, supported by Sociologists and members of the Arts and Science Faculty in related disciplines.

Special fields of interest of the Anthropology faculty include the cultures of Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, the Caribbean, and the Native people of North America (Indian and Inuit). Special topics of interest include the Anthropology of Art, Medicine, Gender, Myth, Development, Knowledge and systems of Exchange. The Anthropology Programme aims to prepare students for graduate study, and/or employment in government sponsored regional or overseas development programmes, native affairs, and private sector social (qualitative) research agencies.

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