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“Rural Matters" Series

1. Globalization Matters

2. Capacity Matters

3. Social Cohesion Matters

4. Voluntary Associations Matter

5. Stress Matters

6. Communication Matters

7. Governance Matters

8. Services Matter

9. The Type of Social Capacity Matters

“Observations" Series

1. Rural Canada is diverse

2. Primary industries are shedding labour

3. Rural Canada is competitive in manufacturing and tradable services

4. The (local) environment is becoming more important as a quality of life issue

5. Knowledge intensive employment has increased and is growing

6. The price of commuting and the price of transportation are falling

7. Youth are leaving, but young families return

8. The concentration of industry has increased

9. Government services have become more centralized

10. We are all aging - and many rural communities are aging relatively faster

11. Rural communities are "perceived" as safe communities

12. Immigration will remain strong

13. The relative influence of rural people is declining

“Rural-Urban Relations" Series

Eight suggestions for rural communities wishing to increase their sustainability opportunities through collaboration with urban regions.

1. Look to urban interests

2. Identify global and local niche markets

3. Integrate strangers

4. Maintain your diaspora

5. Build capacities

6. Make interdependencies visible

7. Strengthen local identities

8. Check your context

NRE Series

Building Rural Capacity in the New Economy

Poster for SSHRC Seminar February 2005

The NRE research sites in brief


“Rural Canada Is" Series

Rural Canada is...

Rural Canada gives us...

Rural Canada teaches us...

Rural Canada reminds us...

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