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(R. C. Rounds, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-06-5 Price $12.20

Jim Martin and Don Macrae, "The Impact of Trade Liberalization and Federal Regional Development Programs on Rural Canada"

Michael Troughton, "An Ill-Considered Pact: The Canada-US Trade Agreement and the Agricultural Geography of North America"

(L. P. Apedaile, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-09-X Price $12.20

David Freshwater, Philip Ehrensaft and Leonard Apedaile, "New Thoughts on Cross-subsidies and the Restructuring of Rural Places and Single Industry Towns"

Christine Kovacshazy, "New Rural Functions and Rural / Urban Relationships"

Bruno Jean, "Toward a Sustainable Rural Development for Resources Dependent Regions: Some Policy Considerations based on the Experience of the Lower St. Lawrence River Area"

Gary Bull, "The Effects on Rural Areas of Stewardship, Property Rights, Technology, Industry Structure and Resource Pricing in the Forest Sector"

William E. Phillips and William A. White, "Measures of Dependency and Policy Impacts of the Forest Industry in Rural Places"

Graham F. Parsons, "Global Change, Energy and Mineral Outlooks and Community Economic Development in the Prairies"

A. Douglas Mutch and Ken Rosaasen, "The Interaction of Agricultural Restructuring and Federal Agricultural Policy: Impact on the Viability of Rural Economies"

Jack Stabler, "Thirty Years of Evidence on the Consolidation and Viability of Trade Centres on the Prairies: Indications for Entry to the Twenty-first Century"

Bob Splane, "Financing the Quantum Leap -- Rural Business to Global Markets"

Gordon Miller, "Strengthening Municipal Assessment Bases: A Need for New Approaches"

Richard J. Haigh and Dhara S. Gill, "Social Restructuring in Resource Dependent Places: Achieving Sustainability in Resource-dependent Communities"

Michael Gertler, Gary Davidson and Bob Stirling, "Experience and Lessons of Local Initiative in Agriculturally Dependent Communities: Ontario and Saskatchewan Compared"

Philip Ehrensaft and Guy Debailleul, "Catalyzing Bottom-up Development with National Policies: What does the Community Futures Program Really do, What could it do and How long does it need to do it?"

Wayne Jobb, Eric Jerrard and Hartmann Nagel, "Forest Industry Collaboration with Agriculture and Commerce in a Remote Place: The Case of Grande Prairie, Alberta"

(R. C. Rounds, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-19-7 Price $12.20

William Coffey, "The Impact of the Growth of Tradeable Services Upon Non-metropolitan Areas"

Leonard Apedaile et al, "Cross-subsidies, Predations and the Restructuring of Rural Places and Single Industry Town Economies"

Frederick H. Buttel et al, "The State and Rural Policy in Advanced Industrial Societies: The New Realities of the Late Twentieth Century"

Linda Lobao, "Rural Restructuring and Local Well-being: Relationships and Policy Initiatives in Two Historical Periods"

André Joyal, "The Impact of Free Trade on Small and Medium Enterprises in Three Québec Regions"

Pauline Molder and Jack C. Stabler, "The Relationship between the Public and Private Sectors as providers of Business Services in Saskatchewan"

(A. M. Fuller & R. C. Rounds, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-22-7 Price $12.20

L. P. Apedaile et al, "Manufacturing and Services: Stimulating Rural Economies"

G. Andrew Bernat, "Manufacturing Restructuring in the Nonmetropolitan US"

John Bryden, "Rural Industry and Services in the European Community"

Amy Glasmeier, "Global Stakes: Peripheral Regions in an Era of Globalization"

Sally Shortall, "Rural Development in the Republic of Ireland: An Overview"

(R. C. Rounds, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-25-1 Price $12.20

David Freshwater et al, "Characteristics of Successful Community Development Partnership Strategies"

David Freshwater et al, "Negotiating Partnerships for Community Development"

Harold R. Baker, "Building Multi-community Rural Development Partnerships"

L. Peter Apedaile, "Enhancing Results from Participatory Rural Development"

(Bill Reimer and Grace Young, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-32-4 Price $12.20

Philip Ehrensaft, "Partnerships as Double-edged Swords"

Harold Baker, "What Have We Learned About Rural Development"

Teresa MacNeil, "Building Multi-community Rural Development Partnerships"

Lawrence F. Felt and Peter R. Sinclair, "Is Locally Controlled Development Possible? The Experience of the Great Northern Peninsula Corporation"

Barrie MacGregor, "What Have We Learned about Job Creation Strategies in Rural Areas?"

Bob Allen, "New Roles for Co-operatives in Rural Development"

Maxine Connell, "Establishing and Maintaining Partnerships for Rural Development"

Tim O'Neill, "Factors Enhancing Joint Ventures in Rural Revitalization"

John Bryden, "Establishing and Maintaining Partnerships"

Fraser Hunter, "Partnerships for Job Creation"

Lavern Sorgaard, "Partnerships in Public Institutions"

Robert Greenwood, "Building Trust in Community Development: Municipal-Rural Development Association Co-operation in Newfoundland and Labrador"

Floyd Dykeman, "Policy for the Future"

Richard C. Rounds, "Policy Directions for Future Rural Development"

(Agriculture and Rural Restructuring Group, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-343-0 Price $12.20

Bill Reimer and Frances Shaver, "A Community and Family Perspective"

Jack Stabler, "Rural Community Rationalization"

Peter Apedaile, "Farming and the New Rural Economy"

Questions and Answers

Towards a Vision for Rural Canada

(A. M. Fuller & R. C. Rounds, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-22-7 Price $12.20

L. P. Apedaile et al, "Manufacturing and Services: Stimulating Rural Economies"

G. Andrew Bernat, "Manufacturing Restructuring in the Nonmetropolitan US"

John Bryden, "Rural Industry and Services in the European Community"

Amy Glasmeier, "Global Stakes: Peripheral Regions in an Era of Globalization"

Sally Shortall, "Rural Development in the Republic of Ireland: An Overview"

(Ray D. Bollman, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-54-5 Price $12.20

Mary Louise McAllister, "A Stake in the North: Prospects for Employment in Mining Towns"

Tim Williamson and René Samson, "Forest Communities in Transition: An Empirical Assessment of the Changing Structure of the Rural Forest Economy

Jeremy Williams and Gary Bull, "Combining Timber and Remote Tourism Operations: Employment and Diversity Impacts"

(Richard Rounds, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-57-X Price $12.20

David R. Davilla Villers, "Three Mexicos in the New Rural Economy -- International Integration / Domestic Disintegration

Riccardo Cappelin, "Regional Embeddedness and International Integration: The Case of SMEs in North Italy"

Molly Sizer and Shirley L. Porterfield, "Early Employment Impacts of the NAFTA: A Search for Adversely Affected Workers (Part 1)"

(Ray D. Bollman, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-64-2 Price $12.50

Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, "Industrial Districts and Localised Industrial Systems: Prospects and Limitations for Rural Development"

Cécile Sabourin, "Local Investment Funds: A Tool for Communities To Take Responsibility for Development (with reference to the regions of Abitibi-Ouest and Témiscamingue"

Laval Doucet and Ilenda Mbemba, "Local Development and Rural Employment in the Age of Globalisation: Illusions or Renewed Hope"

(Richard C. Rounds, ed.) ISBN 1-895397-53-7 Price $34.00

Bruno Jean, "Issues in Institutional Restructuring in the Rural Sector"

L. Peter Apedaile and David Fullerton, "Rural Development through Trade-volunteer and Business Alliances"

Anthony (Tony) Fuller, "Rural Institutions in the Arena Society"

Peter Diamant, "Restructuring Local Government: Where Do WE Go From Here?"

Marc-Urbain Proulx, "The Policy of Governmental Decentralization in Québec: Principles, Status and Issues"

Bill Reimer, "Informal Social Networks and Voluntary Associations in Non-metropolitan Canada"

Brett Fairbairn, "Principles of Organizational Restructuring in Rural Organizations: Co-operatives"

Robert Greenwood, "Performance Contracts and Regional Development: New Approaches o Government-Community Relations in Newfoundland and Labrador

Shirley P. Dawe and David Hajesz, "Institutional Partnerships for Rural Renewal"

Toby Williams, "Relationships among Rural Institutions in Alberta"

André Joyal, "Small and Medium Size Exporting Enterprises, Rural Restructuring and Local Economic Development in Québec"

Jeremy Williams and Gary Bull, "Assessing Resource Dependent Community Impacts in Ontario"

Daniel Malenfant, "New Horizons for Community Forestry: Social-Environmental Development"

Mary Louise McAllister, "Navigating New Waters: A Multi-stakeholder Approach to Sustainable Mining"

Omer Chouinard, "Agents of Change, Restructuring and Environmental Constraints of the Fishing Trade in the Acadian Peninsula"

Yves Chaloult, "Globalization and Regionalism: Social and Rural Impacts"

Sally Shortall and John Bryden, "Rural Restructuring: Causes, Consequences and Opportunities"

(Ray D. Bollman and John M. Bryden, ed.) ISBN 0-85199-198-X Price $45.00

Philip Ehrensaft, "International Perspectives on Rural Employment: Introductory Propositions"

Heino Von Meyer, "Rural Employment in OECD Countries: Structure and Dynamics of Regional Labour Markets"

Eleonore Irmen, "Employment and Population Dynamics in OECD countries - an Intraregional Approach"

Ron Cunningham and Ray Bollman, "Structure and Trends of Rural Employment: Canada in the Context of OECD Countries"

Kari Grohn, "Rural Employment in EU Finland"

David McGranahan and Kathleen Kassel, "Education and Regional Employment in the 1980s: Comparisons among OECD Member Countries"

Dianne Looker, "Rural-Urban Differences in Youth Transition to Adulthood"

Geir Inge Orderud, "Youth in the Periphery: Education, Jobs and a Place to Live"

Shirley Dawe and David Hajesz, "De-mythologizing Rural Youth Exodus"

Lars Olof Persson, Erik Westholm and Tony Fuller, "Two Contexts, One Outcome: The Importance of Lifestyle Choice in Creating Rural Jobs in Canada and Sweden

Friedrich Schindegger and Cornelia Krajasits, "Commuting: Its Importance for Rural Employment Analysis"

Michel Blanc and Gabriel Tahar, "The Relationships between Occupational and Residential Urban-to-Rural Migration"

Jack Stabler and Richard Rounds, "Commuting and Rural Employment on the Canadian Prairies"

Andrew Errington, "Rural Employment Issues in the Peri-Urban Fringe"

Milford Green, "Occupational Stratification of Rural Commuting"

Olaf Foss, "Establishment Structure, Job Flows and Rural Employment"

André Joyal, "The Vitality of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Rural Québec"

Marc-Urbain Proulx et Nathaly Riverin, "Entrepreneurial Dynamism of Québec: Strong but unevenly distributed across the province"

Jill L. Findeis, Leif Jensen and Gretchen Cornwell, "Rural Employment Alternatives: Wage Work versus Self-employment among Rural Households"

Judith I. Stallman and Bageshwari Sherchand, "Self-employment in Rural Virginia"

Jaap Post and Ida Terluin, "The Changing Role of Agriculture in Rural Employment"

Sylvain Cloutier, "Employment in Agriculture and Closely Related Industries in Rural Areas: Structure and Change, 1981 - 1001

Christian Huillet, "Trends in Rural Policy: the Employment Dimension"

David Freshwater, "Policy Alternatives for Stimulating Rural Employment"

Kirsten Agerup, "Designing Employment Policy: The Importance of Recognising Territory"

Scott McLean, "Employment Policies and Economic Restructuring in the Canadian North: Roots of a Paradox"

Bill Reimer, "Informal Rural Networks: their contribution to `making a living' and creating rural employment"

Heather Clemenson and Bernard Lane, "Niche Markets, Niche Marketing and Rural Employment"

Jean-Claude Bontron, "Tourism: A Potential Source of Rural Employment"

John Bryden, "Rural Employment and the Information Highway"

Farm Family Pluriactivity in Western Europe
(A. H. Brun and A. M. Fuller) ISBN 0.90.6724-38 4 Price $27.75

Rural Policy Issues
(M. Tracy, ed.) ISBN 0 906724 39 2 Price $18.12

Farmers and Politics in France
(M. Tracy, ed.) ISBN 0 906724 37 6 Price $24.54

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