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Our Diverse Cities, Summer 2007 - Special NRE Contributors Edition | Nos diverses cités - Eté 2007
Articles on rural issues written by the NRE team members and collaborators
Edited by Bill Reimer

Special Issue on the New Rural Economy, Vol. 1, No. 2
edited by Bill Reimer and published in the Journal of Rural  and Community Development June 2006

SSHRC Strategic Knowledge Clusters Proposal
Final version as sent to SSHRC November 2006

Adaptive Capacity for Climate Change in Canadian Rural Communities
Wall, Ellen and Katia Marzall
Published in: Local Environment
Vol. 11, No. 4, 373–397, August 2006

SSHRC Strategic Plan 2006-2011 
Plan Stratégique du CRSH 2006-2011
Renaud, Marc
This plan describes SSHRC’s commitment to a future where humanities and social sciences research provides Canadians with the knowledge and understanding to strengthen our social and intellectual foundations, to build an economy based on principles of fairness and equity for all, and to bring Canadian ideas onto the world stage. Oct 2005

NRE2 Annual Report 2004-2005
Yates, Madeleine
Feb 2006

Rapport du 5e Séminaire: Équipe Gouvernance rurale Initiative sur la Nouvelle économie rurale NÉR2
Présences : Bruno Jean UQAR, Bill Reimer Concordia, Steve Dionne UQAR, Omer Chouinard Université de Moncton, Augustin Épenda UQAT, Derek Wilkinson Laurentian University, Les étudiants UQAR: Luc Bisson, Tchabagnan Ayeva et Claude Ouellet
April 2005

Use of the Internet by Volunteer Groups in Rural Canada: The Case of Springhill, NS
Bruce, David  and Lindsay Lyghtle
This paper examines the challenges that volunteer groups face in enhancing
their capacity to use a variety of communication tools, especially those involving new
April 2005



Bridging Communities of Place: Insights from the NRE Project / Handout
Plenary presentation to the Canadian Sociology Association
May 30, 2007, Saskatoon, SK
Reimer, Bill, Ray Bollman, Laura Ryser, Sara Teitelbaum, and Ivan Emke


Breaking New Ground: Women and Farm Entry in British Columbia
Master's Thesis
Lipton, Becky
May 2006


Constructing Social Theories - the NRE Experience
Reimer, Bill
Presentation to the Graduate Theory Class, School of Regional Planning and Development, Guelph University, October 17, 2008.

Insights from the New Rural Economy Project: Design, Findings, and Challenges
Reimer, Bill
Presentation to the School of Regional Planning and Development, Guelph University, October 17, 2008.

(In)Visibility for Knowledge Mobilization: The NRE Experience
Reimer, Bill
Invited presentation at the SSHRC KIS Workshop, UBC, Vancouver, June 3 2008

Local Initiatives Within Global Change - General patterns from the New Rural Economy project
Reimer, Bill
Presented at the "Understanding
Globalization in a non-Metropolitan Context" session, Annual Meetings of the
Canadian Sociology Association, UBC, Vancouver, June 4 2008

20 Years of CRRF: What we have learned
Reimer, Bill
Presentation at the CRRF National Conference: Boom-Bust Economies, Inuvik, NT, June 20. 2008


The workshop program of the NRE was supported by the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF). CRRF had been conducting workshops and conference since 1987. Financial support was provided from several different sources, depending on the event. These included the Interdepartmental Working Group on Rural and Remote Canada, the Rural Secretariat of Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, participating universities, FEDNOR, Statistics Canada, and SSHRC.

1996, October, International Conference on NAFTA and the New Rural Economy (Gimly, MB)
This Conference was instrumental in focusing and stimulating the need for a systematic approach to the analysis of communities in Canada. It was the culmination of discussions regarding this need which began many years previous.

1997, May, Workshop: The New Rural Economy: Rural Revitalization (North Bay, ON)
This workshop included the official; launch of the NRE. The initial project, entitled Understanding the New Rural Economy: Options and Choices was conceived as a 5-year project with the national sampling frame of 32 field sites.

1997, October, International conference: The New Rural Economy, Rural Revitalization, (West Prince County, PE)

1998, Workshop, Rural Marginalization (St-Donat, QC)

1998, October, International conference: Rural Marginalization (Nelson, BC)

1999, Spring, Workshop: The NRE rural vision (Newtown, NL)

1999, October, International Conference: Universite Rurale Quebecoise: Entreprendre Chez-nous (Trois Pistoles, QC)

1999, December, Workshop Exchanges with colleagues in Japan (Ittate mura and Awano mura, JP)

2000, Spring, Workshop, The New Rural Economy (Nanaimo, BC)

2000, October, International Conference: The New Rural Economy (Alfred and North Plantagenet, ON)

2001, January, Field trip to Japan (Ittate mura and Awano mura, JP)

2001, Spring, Workshop: The NRE: From Challenges to Action (Sackville, NB)

2001, October, International Conference, The NRE: From Challenge to Action (Muenster, SK)

2001, November, Workshop trip to Japan by community leaders (Ittate mura and Awano mura, JP)

2002, May, Workshop: Rural Matters (Altona, MB)

2002, October, International conference: Rural Matters (Miramichi, NB)

2003, May, Workshop: The New Rural Economy (Ferintosh, AB)

2003, October, Building Rural Capacity in the New Economy (Ste-Damase and Gatineau, QC)

2004, Winter, National Thinktank of the National Rural Research Network: Rural-Urban Relations (Prince George, BC)

2004, Spring, Workshop: The NRE (Prince George, BC)

2004, October, International Conference, Rural-Urban Footprints: Implications for Governance (Tweed, ON)

2005, Winter, Second National Thinktank of the National Rural Research Network: Rural Immigration (Brandon, MB)

2005, Spring, Workshop, The NRE (Benito, MB)

2005, October, International Conference: Big Lessons from Small Places: Governance in Rural North America and the North Atlantic Rim (Twillingate, NL)

2006, April, Workshop: The NRE (Taschereau, QC)

2006, August, Partnership with the CCSBE Conference (Trois-Rivières, QC)

2006, October, International Conference: The Future of Rural Canada (Gatineau, QC and Lanark, ON)

2007, July, Workshop, Rural-Urban Interrelationships (Woodbridge, ON)

2007, October, International Conference: Connecting Communities: Rural and Urban (Vermilion, AB)

2008, February, Workshop: Northern Dialogues (Whitehorse, YT)

2008, June, International Confernce: Boom-Bust Economies: Impacts on Rural and Remote Communities (Inuvik, NT)

2009, Fall, International Conference: From Rural Recession to Revitalization (Québec City, QC)

2010, Fall, International Conference: On the Bright Side – Rural Canada Works (Brandon, MB)

2011, Spring, Workshop: From Policy to Research and Back (Ottawa, ON)

2011, Fall, International Conference: Culture, Place, and Identity at the Heart of Regional Development (St. John’s, NL)

In the media

Radio interviews and podcasts

Bill Reimer on the impact of wild fires on rural communities 
Ontario Morning Podcast from CBC Radio 
Monday May 9, 2016 

Bill Reimer on CBC All in a Weekend with Dave Bronstetter
August 19, 2007

New Rural Economy Project
CHOQ FM, with Isabelle Lantagne
February 6, 2006

Thriving Businesses in Nelson BC
Mike Stolte on CBC Radio
December 12, 2006

What makes a community a good place to live?
David Bruce on CBC Maritime Noon
January 26, 2005

How can we keep small towns alive?
Bill Reimer interviewed on CBC Radio
June 14, 2004

On the web

Seven strategies for small-town survival
October 4, 2013 Thomas Bink Yahoo Canada News 


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