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Academic advising

New students must meet with an academic advisor before they can register for their courses. Academic advising is done by appointment.

Returning students can also make appointments if they have any questions about their programs, are unsure what courses they still need to take, or want to make sure that they are on the right track. Alternatively, students can send their questions by e-mail to Linda Bowes.

To do a change of concentration (e.g. to change into the Women's Studies program or to add the Major or Minor in Women's Studies) just send an e-mail to Linda Bowes (don't forget to include your Student I.D.) clearly stating what program should be changed in what way.

Resources for students

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions
Writing an Essay 101
Student Requests
Plagiarism and Academic Integrity
Services for New Students
General Program Requirements, Advising, and Procedures
Learning Support
Internal Support
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