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Clinical & Health Research

The study of neuro-physiological, biological and social factors associated with particular behaviour problems and their remediation, and of the origins, nature, determinants and treatment of the various disorders. The study of the psychological processes important in developing and maintaining health.

Current clinical research with children and adolescents focuses on developmental psychopathology, including risk factors for adult psychopathology and precursors of particular clinical symptoms. Research with adults examines the etiology of anxiety and depression and the relative effectiveness of therapies in controlling them. Current health research includes: the role of stress, coping variables, personality, and attitudinal factors as they influence health, illness and pain perception; the role of illness as a transition from healthy aging into frail old age; the experience, interpretation of and derived meaning of major illness by the elderly; and the impact of various risk factors and disease states on cognitive function, and of cognition and suggestion on pain.

The following faculty members conduct research in the area of clinical and health research:
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