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Student associations

Get involved with your Department community! Join an association and meet people through both academic and social events.

Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association (CUPA)

CUPA is Concordia's Undergraduate Psychology Association. CUPA hosts multiple academic and social events throughout the year.

The Executives for the 2021-2022 academic year
President Nimmi Luckheenarain 
VP Finance Jeanne Bellerose 
VP Internal Amanda Bonin 
Interim VP Social Christina Matos 
VP External Victoria D’Amours 
VP Academic Ariane Lussier-Grendon 
VP Communications Darya Carmichael 
Councillor Aurelie Garrone 

The Association for Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSP)

The Association of Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSP) represents the collective interests of psychology graduate students at Concordia University. The AGSP strives to enhance the quality of psychology graduate experience at Concordia by providing resources, seminars, workshops, and hosting social events.

The Mentorship Among Psychology Students (MAPS) Committee

The Mentorship Among Psychology Students (MAPS) Committee is a department-funded, student-run committee within the Association for Graduate Students in Psychology at Concordia University. The primary aim of the MAPS Committee is to facilitate mentorship between undergraduate and graduate students at Concordia. This includes a mentorship program, professional development workshops, mental health promotion, and networking opportunities. Organized by graduate students in the psychology department, these activities allow mentees to learn more about the psychology program and how to get involved in different organizations, in Montreal and at Concordia, specifically. The MAPS committee works in collaboration with the Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association (CUPA) and other organizations on campus to help undergraduate students reach their full potential.

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