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Get involved with your Department community! Join an association and meet people through both academic and social events.


CUPA is Concordia's Undergraduate Psychology Association. CUPA hosts multiple academic and social events throughout the year.

The Executives for the 2018-2019 academic year
President Doriane Domingo
VP Finance Gabriel Vezina
VP Internal Jacques Voisard
VP Social Daniel Jonathan Pang
VP External Nicholas Samala-Siroishka
VP Academics Marie-Anick Savard
VP Communications Caleigh Fisher

The Association for Graduate Students in Psychology

The Association of Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSP) represents the collective interests of psychology graduate students at Concordia University. The AGSP strives to enhance the quality of the psychology graduate student experience by providing resources, seminars, workshops, and hosting social events.

What do we do?

Fun stuff

Every year the Graduate Students association distributes funds to each departmental graduate society. Our job is to try to use those funds to enhance your graduate experience.

Monies have been used to:

  • Fund an awesome orientation/welcome party each fall in our grad lounge.
  • Fund an exciting end of the year party at a local pub.
  • Create raffles/draws for prizes for different holiday seasons so you can enjoy more fun stuff for free (movie tickets, coffee vouchers, bookstore gift cards, etc.).

We are always open to new suggestions on how you want your money to be used (for example, last year an email survey was sent around and students gave us input on how they wanted the funds to be used).

Don't wait for the survey though - feel free to email us your new ideas as soon as they pop into your head!

Important stuff

We are in charge of placing student representatives on the various departmental committees. We do this in a fair and unbiased way, trying to make sure as many students who want a turn get one, and using a random draw when necessary.

Student representatives lend our perspective and concerns to the faculty, and keep the rest of us informed of important issues and changes as they arise.

If you're interested in getting involved and gaining valuable experience for your CV, look out for the email that goes out about departmental committees each fall.

• Office: PY-317

Who are we?
2018-2019 Committee
President Maria Santaguida
Vice-President Student Affairs Sarah Hines
Vice-President Finance Ariel Batallan
Vice-President Internal Kathleen Kennedy Turner
Vice-President External Anne Baptiste
Executive Officers Esther Schott
  Kelly Doiron
  Jie Chang
New members are always welcome!

Please email us to find out when our next meeting is. 

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