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Psychology undergraduate programs

The Department of Psychology offers program leading to either a BA or BSc degree in Psychology. In addition, Psychology courses are an integral part of a number of other programs within the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Psychology (BA, BSc)

Major in Psychology (BA, BSc)

The Major in Psychology is designed to give students broad training, including research methods, the basis of psychological disorders, development, learning and the neurobiology of behavior and the brain.

Neuroscience (BSc)  

The Neuroscience option is a BSc degree that combines psychology with a strong science core.  It also offers opportunities for students to gain experience in faculty research labs.

Behavioural Neuroscience (BSc)
Minor in Psychology

Minor in Psychology

The Minor in Psychology (24 credits) can be combined with a major in another related field, for example Education, Applied Human Sciences, Sociology or Business.

  • Note: Until further notice, the Department is not accepting applications from current Concordia students wishing to enrol in the Minor in Psychology program. 

Science College

You may wish to also consider a minor in multidisciplinary studies where you conduct scientific research in several different disciplines.

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