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Cognitive Science

The study of sensory, perceptual and cognitive processes and their development, leading to the perception, responding to and comprehension of visual, auditory and verbal stimuli.

Research programs in perception include perception of motion, depth, texture and color, spatial vision, and visual search, with special emphasis given to the role of attention. Research programs in cognition include studies of attention, memory, language, concepts and categorization, reading, skill acquisition, second language skills, and musical performance skills. The developmental aspects of cognition currently investigated include the origins of a theory of mind in infancy and early lexical and conceptual development in monolingual and bilingual children. Research programs in cognitive neuropsychology give special emphasis to the role of attentional strategies, to auditory information in perceptual and cognitive processing, the nature of cognitive deficits, neuropsychological mechanisms and thought disorders, using neuropsychological methods such as brain wave recording and brain imaging. Research is based on normal as well as clinical, neuropsychological and other special populations.

The following faculty members conduct research in the area of cognitive science:
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