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Thinking about changing programs?

What is the difference between an Honours, a Major and a Minor in Political Science?
  • Honours in Political Science (60 credits)
    The Honours Program in Political Science is designed for students with a strong academic background who wish to develop a solid and articulated understanding in political science and who want to acquire an early preparation for graduate studies.

  • Major in Political Science (42 credits)
    The Major Program in Political Science is designed for students who wish to develop a solid and articulated understanding in political science.

  • Minor in Political Science (24 credits)
    The Minor Program in Political Science is designed for students who wish to acquire basic understanding in political science to complement their training in another discipline.

Learn more about Honours, Major and Minor program options.

Concerned about plagiarism?

Plagiarism is ususally only a problem at the undergraduate level, but on occasion an error at the graduate level reminds us that carelessness can cost any student dearly. Please read this page carefully and remember that many graduate students also serve as Teaching Assistants, so you need to know how to detect and deal with plagiarism in this capacity as well.

The Political Science Department has zero tolerance for plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

The University defines plagiarism as “The presentation of the work of another person as one’s own or without proper acknowledgment.” (Concordia Graduate Calendar 2008-2009, page 838). Plagiarism is an academic offence governed by the Code of Conduct (Academic). To find out more about how to avoid plagiarism, see Concordia’s website on academic integrity.

For the Department’s Resources on Avoiding Plagiarism website, click HERE

What are the consequences of getting caught?

Students caught plagiarizing are subject to the following sanctions:  

  1. a written reprimand;
  2. a piece of work be re-submitted; 
  3. a failing grade for the piece of work in question or for the course, if applicable;
  4. a failing grade and ineligibility for a supplemental examination or any other evaluative exercise for the course;
  5. the obligation to take and pass courses of up to twenty-four (24) credits in addition to the total number of credits required for the student’s program as specified by the Academic Hearing Panel. If the student is registered as an Independent student, the sanction will be imposed only if he or she applies and is accepted into a program;
  6. a suspension for a period not to exceed six (6) academic terms. Suspensions shall entail the withdrawal of all University privileges, including the right to enter and be upon University premises;
  7. Expulsion from the University. Expulsion entails the permanent termination of all University privileges. (Graduate Calendar, pp. 838-839).

Read about academic integrity and the campus code of conduct.

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