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Graduate programs

Engage in research relevant for profession development in academia, public administration, or the private sector with our MA in Political Science.

We provide the only English-language graduate program in Public Policy and Public Administration in the province of Quebec, which includes a popular internship option.

Our PhD in Political Science attracts doctoral students from all corners of the world.


MA in Political Science

The MA in Political Science program offers you the opportunity to address some of the most pressing and difficult challenges facing contemporary politics. Through each area of specialization, you will be encouraged to think about politics and the relations among individuals and political communities from an analytical and critical perspective, including a diversity of epistemological, ontological and methodological viewpoints. Benefit from faculty-led inter-institutional and university-wide research centers and networks while engaging in original research relevant for professional development within academia, public administration, private industry and NGOs.   

PhD in Political Science

The doctoral students who pursue the PhD in Political Science come from all corners of the world to study with our experts in the various subfields of the discipline. Our current and past PhD students have secured prestigious national grants, published (as single author and in collaboration with their advisors) in top-ranking peer-reviewed academic journals, and produced significant peer-reviewed book chapters. Concordia University also offers substantial funding opportunities to support PhD students in their studies.

Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration

Our Master's in Public Policy and Public Administration (MPPPA) offers an internship option for students interested in pursuing a career in the public service and non-governmental organizations. In cooperation with the federal government's internship programs, the majority of our students secure paid internships with government agencies in Ottawa. This program provides our graduate students in the MPPPA program with an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable vocational experience and training.

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