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The law affects us all

The Jurist-in-Residence program demystifies the law by connecting the Concordia community and the public at large to some of the brightest minds in Canadian law through its event series and mentorship program.

Event series

Judge Morton Minc (left) with Supreme Court Justice Richard Wagner of the Supreme Court of Canada. Judge Morton Minc (left) with Supreme Court Justice Richard Wagner of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The event series welcomes distinguished figures in Quebec and Canadian law, from the Court of Appeal of Quebec to the Supreme Court of Canada, to spend an evening in conversation with Jurist-in-Residence Morton Minc. Following the conversation, the guest opens the floor to audience questions. This unprecedented access gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look into the minds of decision makers. Many of these events are officially recognized by the Barreau du Québec and all are open to everyone.


The Jurist-in-Residence Mentorship program aims to pass on values and advice from one generation of jurists to the next.

Students are paired with a member of the legal community based on fields of interest and goals. Mentors provide expertise and guidance on the day-to-day realities of the legal profession as well as general support for navigating life after Concordia.

Open to undergraduate and graduate Concordia students in any program. Students will have the chance to meet lawyers from different backgrounds practicing in various fields of law.

These mentors are working lawyers who can offer guidance on:

  • The different career options in law
    • Civil, criminal, corporate
    • United Nations, UNESCO
  • How an understanding of the law can benefit you in any career
  • How to apply to law school
  • Access to networking events
  • Participating in the Court Observer Program, which features visits to the Municipal Court of Montreal, the Superior Court of Quebec and the Court of Appeal of Quebec. 



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