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Adult Education (Minor, Cert)

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Certificate (Certificate)

Why study Adult Education?

Since many adults will return to the classroom at various stages in their lives, educators can benefit from specialized training that helps adults refresh their skills or change careers. The Adult Education program is designed to give educators the tools and skills to help adults realize their goals. Learning is a life-long endeavour, and the program is suited to those interested in enhancing their skills as:

  • Community facilitators
  • Industrial and business training specialists and consultants
  • Health-care educators
  • In-service education coordinators
  • Volunteer service coordinators

Program Details

  • Certificate in Adult Education (30 credits)
  • Minor in Adult Education (24 credits)

See full degree requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Minimum cut-off averages and course requirements

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Inside Canada

March 1

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Admission to this program is only available for the Fall Term.

Outside Canada
February 1    N/A

We reserve the right to close admission to a program at any time after the official deadline without prior notice.

BA Minor Program structure

Students must take 24 credits, including three core courses and 15 credits chosen from Adult Education courses with the permission of the Program Director.

See detailed curriculum & degree requirements.

  • The Scope and Nature of Adult Education Programs
  • Adults as Learners
  • Group Dynamics
  • Design of Adult Learning Projects

Certificate Program structure

Students must take 30 credits, including five core courses (15 credits: ADED 201, ADED 202, ADED 220,ADED 496 and ADED 497) and 15 credits chosen from Adult Education (ADED) offerings and 3 credits chosen as an elective from cognate courses with the permission of the Programme Director.

All credits earned in the Certificate Programme may be transferred into an appropriate Bachelor's/Baccalaureate degree.
Read course descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar.

The programs in Adult Education are appropriate for individuals who wish to work in the following fields:

  • Business and industrial trainers
  • Community animators
  • Coordinators of In-service education and training
  • Coordinators of volunteer services
  • Health care educators
  • Instructors
  • Private consultants in education and training
  • Teachers
  • or others whose function is to help adults to learn.

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