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Faculty members

Catherine Bachewich

Affiliate Associate Professor, Concordia University

  • Regulation of the cell cycle, development and virulence in fungi
Isabelle Benoit-Gelber

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Concordia University

  • Filamentous fungi; genomics; molecular microbiology; microbial interactions
Tonia De Bellis

Professor, Program Coordinator of Environmental Science, Dawson College

  • Community ecology; invasion biology of plants; role of soil fungi in the invasion of Norway Maples in temperate forests in Quebec
Maud C.O. Ferrari
Professor, University of Saskatchewan
  • How biotic and abiotic factors (both natural or from anthropogenic origins) affect predator-prey interactions
Chiara Gamberi

Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University

  • Developmental biology; use of the fruit fly Drosophilia as a model organism to study gene regulation (e.g. translation) of specific developmental events including formation and maintenance of malpighian tubules. Polycystic Kidney Disease.
Michael Halllett
Professor, University of Western Ontario
  • Computational biology; single cell profiling technologies
Patrick Pare

Director, Research and Conservation, Zoo de Granby

  • Conservation and welfare of captive wildlife; animal enrichment programs; biodiversity preservation
Anne-Helene Prieur-Richard

Global Hub Director, Future Earth

  • Ecology; environmental change and the sustainable use of natural resources; plant biodiversity and biological invasions
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