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Biology undergraduate programs

Get inspired by the rich diversity of the living world & rapid advances in the study of biology.

Our BSc program offers many options

Students planning a career or graduate studies in the biological sciences are encouraged to follow an Honours or Specialization program. The Honours programs require a strong academic performance and a two-term undergraduate research project and thesis as a 6-credit course (BIOL 490).

The Major and Minor programs have fewer required credits in the biology curriculum and allow students to take more courses in other disciplines to acquire their BSc degree. The Major includes all courses that are required for admission to most medical degree programs.


Our programs are known for...

More faculty per student

For every 25 undergraduate students there is one professor.

Smaller classes

Our class sizes range from 10 to 170 students.

Dedicated and professional faculty

Our faculty members are enthusiastic and passionate in their teaching and are readily accessible for discussion with students.

Renowned researchers

Our faculty have internationally recognized research programs in molecular and cellular biology, genomics, behaviour biology, and ecology and population biology.

Undergraduate research opportunities

Undergraduate students work on independent research projects in ultramodern facilities and in the field.

Which program is right for me? See the table below and here.

Program of concentration (BSc) Total credits in concentration* Research or thesis option?
Minor Biology 24 none
Major Biology 45 none
Specialization Biology 60 elective
Cell & Molecular 66 elective
Ecology 60 elective
Honours Biology 72 6 credits required
Cell & Molecular 72 6 credits required
Ecology 72 6 credits required

We are excited to announce two new programs. See here for more details.


Undergraduate research

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Resources for current students

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Biology Student Association

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Interested in a degree in biology? You may wish to also consider a minor in multidisciplinary studies where you conduct actual scientific research. 

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