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Weekly student talks

This series features graduate student talks. Each week, one student from a cell/molecular laboratory and one from an ecology laboratory will deliver a 15 minute presentation (with 5 to 10 minutes for discussion) on some aspect of their work. On occasion, students in the PhD program will present a seminar of no more than 30 minutes in fulfillment of the requirement for BIOL 802.


When: Mondays at noon
Where: on Zoom


Fall 2020 schedule


  • 14: Martin and Brown labs
  • 21: Lessard and Potvin-Trottier labs
  • 28: Sacher and Despland labs


  • 5: Piekny and Lessard labs
  • 19: Potvin-Trottier and Amir (Sarah Ferraro, BIOL802) labs
  • 26: Whiteway (Raha Omran, BIOL 802) and Pederson labs


  • 2: Brett and Weladji (Isaac Blaise Djoko, BIOL802) labs
  • 9: Whiteway (Manjari Shrivastava, BIOL 802) and Ziter lab
  • 16: Hallett and Peres-Neto labs
  • 23: Walsh and Lee labs
  • 30: Titorenko and Brown labs


  • 7: Zerges and Dayanandan labs
  • 14: Shih and Kwan (Ifthiha Mohideen, BIOL802) labs


Series coordinators

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