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The Office of the Dean team sets academic priorities for the Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) and manages the faculty in accordance with collective agreements and other university policies.


Pascale Sicotte
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

Administrative units

Pascale Sicotte, Dean

Christine DeWolf, Vice-Dean

Isabelle Lacelle, Senior Director of Strategic Development and Faculty Operations 

Linthuja Nadarajah, Faculty Affairs Officer 

Jennifer Muir, Executive Secretary to the Dean & Vice-Dean

Aaron Johnson, Associate Dean

Erica Bussieres, Assistant to the Associate Dean 

David Kruse, Manager

Elvis Tzanetakos, Technical Coordinator

Michael Currivan, Technical Coordinator

Richard Courtemanche, Associate Dean

Nicole Freeman, Administrator

Andrea Jakob, Academic Programs Assistant

Enza De Martinis, Senior Faculty Financial Officer

Sandra Judge, Financial Analyst

Min Zhou, Financial Analyst

Cindy Whitehill, Financial Assistant


Elizabeth Bloodgood, Associate Dean

Simona Ionescu, Faculty and Instructional Affairs Coordinator

Nadia D’Arienzo, Faculty Affairs Administrator

Kristina Lamarre, Document Coordinator and Archivist

TBD, Principal Director Development

Gabriella Conte, Senior Development Officer
TDB, Development Officer
TDB, Advancement Coordinator

Patrick Leroux, Associate Dean

Lori Dupuis, Assistant to the Associate Dean

Isabelle Bouvier, Advisor, Research Grants and Contracts

Jessica Safarian, Advisor, Research Development (Natural and Health Sciences)

Michele Kaplan, Advisor, Research Development (Fine Arts, Humanities and Concordia Library)

Rebekah Thompson, Advisor, Research Development (Business and Social Sciences)

Rebecca Achtman, Advisor, Research Development 


Francesca Scala, Associate Dean

Kelly Walsh, Manager, Academic Planning and Enrolment

Ayanna Ryan, Coordinator, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

Eve Girard, Graduate Admissions Advisor

Lisa Fortin, Graduate Admissions Advisor

Philippe Caignon, Associate Dean

Cheryl Costello, Assistant to the Associate Dean

Nora Jaffary, Interim Code Administrator

Sandra Moore, Assistant to the Code Administrator

Nicholas Michailidis, Manager and Admission Matters

Lauren Lawton-Kruse, Service Assistant

Karine Moody, Assistant, Student Academic Services

Brigitte Brown, Scheduling Assistant

TDB, Advisor

Shoshana Kalfon, Advisor

TBD, Advisor

Sandra Robinson, Advisor

Elyse McFadden-Murphy, Student Recruitment Officer

Julian Merid, Advisor 

Joy Sculnick, Advisor

Sandra Robinson, Advisor & Admission matters

Elisabeth Faure, Communications Advisor

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