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Administrative units

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This office coordinates all aspects of the facilities planning and management of the Faculty’s space and assists with the coordination of space and building plans, the implementation of space changes, and with departmental moves. We coordinate with the academic departments and units of the Faculty, and with Facilities Management and the office of the Vice-Provost.

The Arts and Science Learning Centre (ASLC) features three studios equipped with advanced teaching technology that are open for booking classes, conferences and thesis defences.

All non-booking related questions

More information about the Arts and Science Learning Centre.

The Faculty of Arts and Science Health and Safety Committee advises the Dean on Health and Safety issues in the Faculty of Arts and Science and is a place to discuss matters of common interest to departments within the Faculty.

More information about the Health and Safety Committee.

The Science Technical Centre is located in the Richard J. Renaud Science Pavilion on the Loyola campus and provides mechanical and electronics shop support, as well as glassblowing services, for teaching and research laboratories in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

More information on the Technical Centre.

This office handles all matters related to the development and revision, whether major or minor, undergraduate or graduate, of academic programs for the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The Faculty Affairs Unit manages the academic personnel portfolio, including matters related to the CUFA (full-time faculty) and CUPFA (part-time faculty) collective agreements.

The Finance and Planning Unit manages both the financial planning and monitoring of the Faculty’s operating and capital budgets.

The Office of the Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies helps to coordinate strategic research and graduate recruitment planning in the Faculty. It supports faculty and student research activities by organizing grant production workshops and assisting in the preparation of external funding applications. The office also provides internal funding in aid of individual and collaborative research, scholarly publication, conference organization and travel.

Student Academic Services (SAS) handles advising, enrolment, retention and all other administrative tasks concerning the undergraduate students in the Faculty, including post-admission transfer credits and advising.

The office has undergraduate advisors who are available to answer your questions and help you through your academic career. The office works closely with the departments in the Faculty to solve your academic issues.

Academic Code of Conduct

The Code Administrator is responsible for all complaints filed under the Academic Code of Conduct relating to undergraduate students.


The four Advisors in SAS are responsible for recruiting, counselling and guiding students from the time of their application to admission into a program in the Faculty of Arts and Science, until completion of the program.

Advisor Shoshana Kalfon
Advisor Diana Foglia
Advisor Sandra Robinson
Advisor Joy Sculnick

More information on Student Academic Services (SAS).

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