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The Institute has minimum grade requirements which vary for each program. Admission to the Institute is competitive and candidates are selected based on their grades and the Institute's capacity limitations. Meeting the minimum requirements for admission to your program does not guarantee entry into any Institute offering.

Prospective Concordia students

Students interested in joining the Institute for Co-operative Education upon their admission to Concordia must apply to the Institute by clicking the “I want to apply for the co-op option” checkbox next to their chosen programs of study on their application to Concordia.

For students coming from Quebec Cégeps, the minimum R score or CRC (Cote de rendement collégial) required to join the Institute is set by each department for undergraduate programs and graduate programs.

Once enrolled, you must maintain a minimum GPA, which also varies, to remain a member of the Institute.

Current Concordia students

If you are a current Concordia student and you would like to apply for Co-op for the remainder of your degree, please learn how to apply by completing the application form for your Faculty.

Our Career Edge programs, which feature a paid, one-term internship, are for current Concordia students in Engineering, Computer Science, some Arts and Science programs, and Design and Computation Arts. View those program’s admission requirements and application procedures.

Current Concordia students who meet the following minimum GPA requirements may be considered for admission to the Institute:

Undergraduate programs

  • Engineering and Computer Science: 2.5**

**Engineering and computer science students should also refer to the admission requirements for our C.Edge option.

Graduate programs

  • Aerospace Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Building Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Civil Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Computer Science (MApCompSc): 3.3
  • Construction Engineering and Management (MEng): 3.3
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Environmental Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Industrial Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Information Systems Security (MEng): 3.3
  • Mechanical Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Quality Systems Engineering (MEng): 3.3
  • Software Engineering (MEng): 3.3

  • Actuarial Math: 3.5 
  • Actuarial Math/Finance: 3.5
  • Anthropology: 2.7
  • Anthropology and Sociology: 2.7
  • Biochemistry: 2.7
  • Biology: 3.0
  • Chemistry: 2.7
  • Economics (undergradate): 3.0
  • Economics (graduate): 3.3
  • Journalism: 2.7
  • Mathematical and Computational Finance: 3.7
  • Physics: 2.7*
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics: 3.3
  • Political Science: 3.3
  • Sociology: 2.7
  • Statistics: 3.3
  • Translation: 3.3 (Translation students must also take a test) 

  • Undergraduate JMSB 3.0
  • Business Analytics and Technology Management (MSc): 3.3
  • Finance (MSc): 3.3
  • Management (MSc): 3.3
  • Marketing (MSc): 3.3
  • MBA: 3.3
  • Goodman Institute of Investment Management (GIIM): 3.3
  • Supply Chain Management (MSCM): 3.3
  • Fine Arts students should refer to the admission requirements for our C.Edge option.

    International students

    Get more information on how to apply for a work permit by visiting the International Students Office.

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