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Benefits for employers

Concordia University is one of Canada’s top universities, with world-class programs in business, engineering, sciences, arts, and fine arts. And at our Institute, you have access to student interns from across all those programs.

  • Hire top students! Our GPA requirements create a pool of driven and skilled candidates.
  • 70% of our students are bilingual. 
  • One university, over 70 programs. With students from engineering, business, arts and science, and fine arts programs, we can meet your needs! 

Learn what our students can do for you!

How our students can benefit you

  • Identify candidates, try out their skills on projects and recruit future employees prior to making long-term commitments
  • Reduce salary and recruitment expenses
  • Increase productivity and meet peak workloads
  • Supervisors benefit from mentoring students by gaining leadership skills, increased job satisfaction, talent retention, motivation for professional development and accountability
  • Increase visibility and access to our Institute students by organizing targeted events to promote your opportunities

Testimonials from our partners

"Concordia students play a key role in the success of our tax practice during its peak season. Students are reliable, they learn quickly and they're not afraid to work hard when needed. We rely on Concordia students to help our tax practice achieve its goals and recommend this program to any employer!"

- CPA, CGA, Deloitte


"Scotiabank is delighted to collaborate with a team of experts who offer continuous support and advice. The Co-op staff play a significant part during the Co-op recruitment season and we value this partnership!"

-Assistant Manager, Staffing and Recruitment

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