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Accelerated Career Experience (ACE) internships

ACE is an intensive, career-launching 12 or 16-month full time internship offered by the Institute for Co-operative Education. ACE is currently available to mid-degree undergraduate students in the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) and the Gina Cody School for Engineering and Computer Science (GCS) at Concordia who are in good academic standing and want to jump-start their career.  

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What is different about an ACE internship?

  • A long-term internship where you will work on projects (12 or 16 months) that are strategic for the employer
  • You will be fully-integrated into a planning, management or production teams
  • Training and coaching that will allow you to grow professionally
  • A world-class experience, making you job market ready
  • You will already be in the pipeline for opportunities with the employer once you graduate

Are you a candidate for ACE?

  • You must be registered in an undergraduate program in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (GCS) or John Molson School of Business (JMSB)
  • You must not already be a current member of the Institute for Co-operative Education
  • You must have completed a minimum of 65 credits for Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science and 45 credits for John Molson School of Business (i.e. 2nd and 3rd year students)
  • You must maintain the required cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 for the program
  • You must be proficient in English. A working knowledge of French is an important asset.

Are you an international student?

  • International students must obtain a valid Co-op Work Permit through Citizenship & Immigration Canada as soon as their internship is accepted and confirmed. For more information, visit the Government of Canada website.

  • Students must consult the International Students Office with any questions.

Things to know

  • The internships are paid, full-time positions with a minimum of 35 hours a week
  • The duration of the internship can vary from 12 to 16 months, as determined by the employer
  • All internships start in May at the beginning of the summer term
  • There is a fee to participate in ACE. Find out more about the Institute’s fees
  • Students must return to an academic term during which they are taking only academic credits after the internship term, the last semester at the university cannot be on an internship
  • Not all students who apply will be accepted; this is a highly competitive process  
  • If you have been selected by the employer, you will be contacted by email
  • If you accept an offer and then renege, you will be withdrawn from the program.

Timeline for ACE positions in 2024-2025

October 1 to 30, 2023 Receipt of job offers
November 27, 2023 to Jan 21, 2024 Application period
Week of January 22, 2024 Managers receive applications, interviews and offers to students begin
January 24, 2024 Interviews and offers to students begin
February 16, 2024 Interviews and offers period is complete
May 2024 Start of 12 or 16-month internships

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