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Sustainability champion nominations

Do you know someone who works tirelessly to improve sustainability at the university? Nominate a student, staff or faculty member by February 12.


Nominate a student, staff or faculty member who is setting an example, catalyzing change, or making a difference in the environmental, social and/or financial sustainability of our university. The nomination period closes February 12 at 5 p.m. 

Selection criteria


  • How difficult was the nominee's work or initiative to achieve?
  • Was it time and labour intensive?
  • Has the nominee been dedicated and reliable in working toward sustainability at Concordia?

Leadership & collaboration 

  • How has this individual demonstrated leadership to advance sustainability?
  • Did they choose to take this project on, or was it assigned to them?
  • Is sustainability already part of their job duties and responsibilities and if so, how did the work they took on fall outside of or exceed their job duties and responsibilities?
  • Have they demonstrated teamwork and supported the work of a group?
  • Have they collaborated with others within their group and / or formed connections outside of their group?

Innovation & creativity

  • Is this something new to the organization?
  • Did they work outside the established paradigms?


  • Has the nominee impacted the culture of sustainability at Concordia?
  • What effect did their accomplishment have on enhancing sustainability in their department/faculty/affiliated groups?
  • How has their accomplishment increased sustainability awareness or knowledge in their department/faculty/group?
  • Did the accomplishment have an effect outside of their department/faculty/group?
  • Did the accomplishment have an effect outside of Concordia?

Who can nominate

Any member of the Concordia community – faculty, staff or students may submit a nomination. Self nominations will not be accepted.

Submissions for those who have already won a Sustainability Champion Award will not be considered, nor will submissions for Office of Sustainability staff.

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