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GradProSkills policies

GradProSkills services are available to current Concordia graduate students and recent graduates up to two terms after they have completed their program. The majority of GradProSkills workshops are offered for free. However, all workshop providers have committed resources to offer these workshops and expect students who register to attend and actively participate in the full workshop. Similarly, most of our workshops are in high demand and run waiting lists. We ask you to please be kind and drop on time. 

If a student registers for a workshop but does not attend or drop before the drop deadline, they will be penalized. The penalty is the non-attendance fee listed on the workshop description, and it is charged directly to their student account. For Winter 2021, we will not be charging non-attendance fees but if a student repeatedly does not adhere to the drop deadline, we will drop them from all future workshops for which they are registered. 

The following outlines our specific policies in greater detail: 

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