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GradProSkills policies

GradProSkills services are available to current Concordia graduate students and recent graduates up to two terms after they have completed their program. The majority of GradProSkills workshops are offered for free. However, all workshop providers have committed resources to offer these workshops and expect students who register to attend the workshop. Therefore, if a student registers for a workshop but does not attend, the non-attendance fee listed below will be charged to their student account.

NON-ATTENDANCE FEES: These vary from $25 to $135. For those programs with multiple sessions, attendance requirements vary between 85% and 100% in order to avoid the Non-Attendance Fee. Students must sign the attendance sheet as a record of their attendance. 

REGISTRATION FEES: Certain special offerings may require a registration fee, as indicated in the workshop description. 

LATE POLICY: Students arriving more than 10 minutes after the beginning of the workshop will be marked as absent and charged a Non-Attendance Fee. In some cases, the workshop leader may determine that late students will not be allowed to join the workshop. 

A. MULTIPLE-SESSION WORKSHOPS: Multiple-session workshops must be dropped 11 days in advance of the workshop start date. However, French Conversation Courses have to be dropped 21 days in advance of the workshop start date. 

B. SINGLE-SESSION WORKSHOPS: Single-session workshops must be dropped 5 days in advance of the workshop start date.

RECORDING: Participants are not permitted to record a class. Accomodations can be made for students with disabilities who provide adequate documentation from the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities.

 The use of electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops is generally not permitted in class as it is distracting to other participants. Laptops are only permitted in workshops where they are required for the delivery of the workshop content. If students must bring their own laptops, this will be indicated in the workshop description. 

: Students may be registered for a maximum of 15 GradProSkills workshops per semester. 

WAITLIST: When workshops are full, students may register as waitlisted. Should a space become available, waitlisted students will be automatically registered and notified. If a student no longer wishes to be on a waitlist, they must contact the office before the workshop drop deadline.

WORKSHOP CANCELLATIONS: GradProSkills reserves the right to cancel any course, workshop or event due to insufficient registration.

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