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Humanities+ for Employers

Bring new talent to your organization

Humanities+ is a skills development + work-integrated learning (WIL) program, with a goal of supporting the school-to-career transition for students studying in Humanities-based programs, including Art History and Film Studies.

The program:

Employer partnerships for work-integrated learning (WIL)

We are seeking employers from a variety of sectors to partner with us to create 200-400 hour WIL experiences for students in the H+ program, to take place during the summer (Between May and August).


  • Talent recruitment – Program participants will come to your organization with 50 hours of training in digital skills (e.g., Excel and data analysis) and professional skills (e.g., project management and user-centred design). This is in addition to the skill sets being developed through their coursework like writing, research, and critical thinking skills.
  • Long-term investment – With students being in the latter stages of their degree program, Humanities+ offers the possibility to recruit talent for the long-term.
  • Customizable training – Should your organization have specific digital skills needs, the opportunity exists for us to build this training into our digital skills workshops, delivered in May 2022.
  • Access to SWPP wage subsidies – Employer partners can apply for a Magnet Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) wage subsidy, should they meet the eligibility requirements. The wage subsidy details can be found on the Magnet SWPP website. If you still have questions, feel free to connect with our Placement Coordinator at to find out more.


Employer partners offering a WIL opportunity for the H+ program will be expected to:

  • Assign a mentor or advisor to assist the students to identify goals and clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Provide the students with relevant training and development opportunities
  • Treat the students as employees; let their expectations be like those of their co-workers
  • Monitor the students' progress, and provide formal/informal feedback on a timely basis to both the students and to the institution

Possible student tasks/roles

A list of possible tasks and/or roles students could perform in your organization:

  • Conduct research on products, services, markets, etc.
  • Develop communications for web, social media, etc.
  • Support the writing of reports 
  • Assist in the planning, coordination, management of programs/services/events
  • Conduct research for and prepare grant applications
  • Assist with the development of programs, frameworks or policies
  • Create visuals for data in the form of infographics, presentations, etc.
  • Support your organization's collaboration and partnership development activities
  • Translation

With your guidance, the student could also develop a project that suits the needs of your organization.

Program timeline

  • At your earliest convenience // Express your interest and connect with the H+ Placement Coordinator to discuss your needs.
  • March 1 - June 1 // Create and submit your organization's WIL experience (I.e, internship), with the support of the H+ Placement Coordinator.
  • April - June  // Receive students applications for WIL experiences on an ongoing basis.
  • April - June  // Review student applications, conduct interviews with selected candidates, notify successful candidates.
  • May - August 31 // Students engage in 200-400 hour WIL experiences.**

** This is a general timeline, which may vary depending on employer needs and student availability. Exact start & end dates, and students' work schedulea, will be negotiated and set before students begin their WIL experience (with the support of the H+ Placement Coordinator).

Express your interest

If you are interested in the possibility of creating a 200-400 hour WIL experience for the H+ program for the spring/summer of 2022, please fill our our short "expression of interest" form, and we will reach out to you with more information and next steps!

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you wish to have a conversation about the possibility of your organization being involved in the H+ program.

Claire Elissalde
Humanities+ Placement Coordinator 


The start date is 100% flexible so long as the experience is 200 hours or more, and can be completed by August 26th, 2022.

While employer partners will be responsible for submitting their SWPP application, the Magnet team will be available to provide support throughout the process if need be, and our own Humanities+ team is quite familiar with the process, and happy to offer support where we can.

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