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User Accounts

  1. ENCS User Account. All ECE Faculty members, staff and students have an ENCS user account associated with different services in the Gina Cody School.  The user account is used to access data storage space, ENCS email, and web space. For more information about your eligibility, read through the documentation below.
  2. Concordia Netname Account. Netname accounts are granted by Concordia and used for access to Concordia email, compass wireless and other major computer systems. Most commonly, the netname account is used to access Carrefour (the intranet) and all the services found therein.

Update/maintain faculty profile

You can manage your faculty profile online. The link can also be found on Carrefour's My CU Account page.

The live URL you should promote on business cards, email signatures and publications is:,  eg .../faculty/john-doe.html

Get IT Support

Browse the list of Concordia's IT services to find FAQs, service descriptions, and documentation.  If you still need support or have an IT-related question, you can email to! Or you can visit the listed Service Desk or Service Center.

Facilities Management

Please call Facilities Management  at ext. 2400.


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