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Professors by Expertise

Our department is made up of a team of dynamic faculty members at the forefront of their fields who are creating new and exciting next-gen approaches to teaching and research.



Dr. Anjali Agarwal 

Cloud networks and heterogeneous networks, emphases on Cloud resource management, Edge computing, Hyperscale computing, Energy Management, Cloud Elasticity, Security in Virtual Machines Migration, Micro-services, Machine Learning.

Dr. Amir G. Aghdam

Wireless mobile sensor networks; Underwater sensor networks; Decentralized control systems; Multi-agent systems; Networked control systems; Optimization; Microharvesters.

Dr. M. Omair Ahmad

Algorithms and architectures for image, video, audio and voice processing, Adaptive signal processing, Biomedical signal processing, Computer vision, Deep learning, Biometrics, fast discrete transforms; Watermarking, Object detection and target tracking, Communication, VLSI signal processing.

Dr. Otmane Ait-Mohamed

Hardware Verification, Formal Dependability Analysis of CPS (Reliability, Safety); High level modeling and analysis of physical defect due to radiations of microelectronics systems.

Dr. Maria Amer

Video processing, Video analytics, Object tracking, Object detection, Human pose estimation, Video quality assessment, Deep learning, Data augmentation, Artificial immune systems, Acton recognition, Mobile video computing, Video postproduction, Advanced TV systems.

Dr. Habib Benali

Computational modelling in brain imaging, Multimodal imaging, Information theory, Multivariate statistics and graph theory, Functional network connectivity, Human brain mapping, Motor learning, neurodegenerative disease.

Dr. Jun Cai

Resource management for 5G and beyond wireless networks, with special emphases on task offloading in edge computing, transmission scheduling in wireless body area networks, incentive mechanism design, and deep reinforcement learning; Privacy conserved data management with special emphases on eHealth. Specific research interests include federated learning, blockchain, and data security.

Dr. Rodolfo W. L. Coutinho

Internet of things, underwater sensor networks, edge computing, vehicular networks, information-centric networks, pervasive computing, and mobile computing.

Dr. Glenn Cowan

Integrated circuit design; Wired communication; analog and mixed-signal computation.

Dr. Rose (Shaghayegh) Gomar

Digital Hardware Design, Hardware Description Language (VHDL, Verilog), Embedded Systems, FPGAs; Computer Arithmetic; Hardware Implementation of Biological Neural Networks.

Dr. Bahareh Goodarzi

Parallel Algorithm Design, High Performance Software Design for GPUs, Scheduling Algorithms in CPU-GPU systems, Parallelizing Irregular Algorithms in Heterogenous Systems.

Dr. Walaa Hamouda

Wireless communications and networks: 5G and beyond, machine learning and its application to cloud-radio access networks, physical layer security and its application to wireless networks, machine-to-machine communications with application to IoT and V2X.    

Dr. Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj

Software Engineering and Data Analytics (mainly machine learning and deep learning techniques).  Run-time data - traces, logs, profiling metrics, machine data. System observability and monitoring. Anomalies detections in large streams of log/trace date.

Dr. Shahin Hashtrudi Zad

Supervisory control; Fault diagnosis; Robustness; Discrete-Event Systems; Modeling and analysis of biological systems.

Dr. M. Zahangir Kabir

Theory, physics-based modeling, and characterization of electronic materials and devices with applications to photoconductors for radiation detectors, X-ray detectors, Solar cells, Avalanche Amorphous Selenium Detectors, Perovskite materials for X-ray detectors and photovoltaics.

Dr. Mojtaba Kahrizi

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, MEMS, NEMS with applications in chemical and biosensors.

Dr. Nawwaf Kharma

Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Evolutionary algorithms. Genetic programming, Design and optimization, Synthetic biology, Ribozyme, Genetic therapy, Artificial life.

Dr. Ferhat Khendek

Model Based software management including configuration and upgrade, Service High Availability: modeling, design and analysis; Software Systems Engineering: modeling, design, validation and testing; Service Engineering for Next Generation Networks.  

Dr. Kash Khorasani

Nonlinear and adaptive control; computationally intelligent systems; machine leaning, neural networks, and AI; cyber-physical systems; fault diagnosis, prognosis, and health management (DPHM); cybersecurity; autonomous vehicles; aerospace and satellites; control of flexible joint and link manipulators; and singular perturbation theory and analysis.

Dr. Ahmed Kishk

Millimeter-wave devices and antennas arrays for 5G/6G applications, Electromagnetic Bandgap structures (EBG), Metasurfaces, Dielectric resonator antennas, microstrip antennas, Microwave sensors, Wearable antennas, material measurements & characterizations, Optimization and AI in microwave circuits and antennas, and Feeds for Parabolic reflectors.

Dr. Chunyan Lai

Electric motor drives and control; Permanent magnet synchronous machines; Power electronics converters; Condition monitoring of electric motors and power converters.

Dr. Sébastien Le Beux

Design methods for emerging (nano)technologies and embedded systems; Network-on-Chip, System on Chip, Optical neural networks, Silicon photonic interconnect; Reconfigurable architectures.

Dr. Yan Liu

Software components, architecture framework and analysis method to scale data intensive distributed systems, through modeling software architecture; quantifying the system's characteristics using statistical models; predicting the system's quality attributes and devising system platforms.

Dr. Luiz A. C. Lopes

Distributed power systems; Renewable energy sources; Energy storage systems; Microgrids; Control of power electronic converters.

Dr. William E. Lynch

Image compression, Image processing, Signal processing, Video compression, Video processing, Error resilience, Signal processing for pervasive computing.

Dr. Mustafa K. Mehmet Ali

Modeling, analysis and optimization 5G networks with emphases on Optimization of Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC) Systems, Modeling of Narrowband IoT, Modeling of Vehicular Clouds and Application of Machine Learning to Wireless Communications.

Dr. Pragasen Pillay

Modeling, analysis, design and control of electrical machines; Electric motor drive systems; Traction motors for electric and hybrid electric vehicles; Renewable energy including wind, biomass and solar energy; Energy storage; Energy efficiency and conservation; Sustainability issues in power and energy engineering.

Dr. Dongyu Qiu

Modelling and analysis of cloud networks, p2p network, and wireless networks; Device-to-device communications, mm-wave networks, and CRAN.

Dr. Akshay Kumar Rathore

Soft-Switching techniques for high frequency link power converters; Resonant converters; Utility interactive inverters for renewable energy applications; High power industrial AC drives and multilevel inverters.

Dr. Rabin Raut

Analog electronics circuits and systems, Low-noise Radio Frequency Amplifiers, Analog Filters, Bio-electronic circuits and systems, Electronics in sensors, Front-end circuits for fiber optic receivers.

Dr. Hassan Rivaz

Deep learning in medical imaging, Ultrasound imaging, AI, Computer-aided interventions.

Dr. Luis Rodrigues

Optimal control; System optimization; Switched and piecewise affine control; Avionics Navigation; Flight Management Systems; Energy-efficient flight trajectories; Flight simulation; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); urban air mobility (UAM) and unmanned traffic management (UTM).

Dr. Abdel R. Sebak

Millimeter-wave Antennas and Systems, mm-wave Detection and Imaging, Phased Array Antennas, Ultra-Wideband Antennas, Beamforming, Nanocomposite-based Antennas, Electromagnetic Scattering, Shielding and Interference, Applied Electromagnetics, Computational Electromagnetics, Machine Learning for Antennas and Radar Scattering.

Dr. Rastko Selmic

Control of multi-agent systems; Cooperative control; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); Autonomy; Intelligent control; Gesture-based control.

Dr. Yousef R. Shayan

Wireless communications and networks; Error Control Coding; Software Defined Networking; Satellite Communications; Resource management for 5G and beyond.

Dr. Steve Shih

Microfluidics, lab-on-chip technologies, Biosensors, Genetic circuits, Automation, Synthetic biology.

Dr. Krzysztof Skonieczny

Planetary rovers; Wheel-soil and tool-soil interactions; Reduced-gravity experimentation; Wheeled robots; Energy-optimal path planning; Computer vision, machine learning, and novelty detection; Terrain classification; Advanced additive manufacturing; Continuum modeling of granular materials.

Dr. M. Reza Soleymani 

Information Theory and Coding, Wireless Communications, Satellite Communications, Broadcasting; Privacy conserved data management with special emphasis on eHealth. Specific research interests include federated learning, blockchain, and data security.

Dr. M.N.S. Swamy

Algorithms for image and video signal processing, Speech processing, Biometrics, Deep neural networks, Biomedical signal processing, Image fusion, Target tracking and object detection, Fast transforms, VLSI signal processing.

Dr. Sofiène Tahar

Formal Hardware Verification; Formal Analysis of Optical Systems; Formal Analysis of DSP Systems; Validation and Verification of CPS Verification.

Dr. Christopher W. Trueman

Numerical electromagnetics, moment methods, finite-element analysis, finite-difference time domain methods, antennas, microwave systems, electromagnetic compatibility.

Dr. Pouya Valizadeh

Solid state microwave devices, Micro/nano-electronics, III-V electronics, Noise in semiconductor devices, Polarization in semiconductor devices, Reliability of electronic devices, MEMS technology.

Dr. Chunyan Wang

VLSI design; VLSI signal processing, image processing, convolutional neural networks.

Dr. John Xiupu Zhang

Fiber optic fronthaul transmission technologies for 5G and beyond; Quantum dot lasers and broadband photodiodes related to mm-wave bands.

Dr. Wei-Ping Zhu

Speech and audio processing, Advanced signal processing for wireless communications, OFDM/MIMO systems, MIMO relay networks, Cooperative communication.


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