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Applications for Fall 2024

Deadline: March 1, 2024 

Application and portfolios are accepted online only

The SlideRoom portfolio portal is now open.

BFA in Art History and Studio Art –
Admissions process overview

Step 1: Complete Concordia's online admissions application

Step 2: Create your portfolio

Step 3: Write your letter of intent

Step 4: Submit your materials

Step 2: Create your portfolio  

The portfolio of artwork for admission to a Studio Arts program should be a collection of your best and most recent work in visual arts. It should represent your individual interests, abilities and explorations. Consider visual, conceptual, and technical proficiency in selecting your best and most recent work.

Your portfolio should contain:

  • Minimum number of portfolio items: 15.
  • Maximum number of portfolio items: 20.
  • Each portfolio item must be a single digital file.
  • Either recently completed or currently in progress. 
  • Include work that demonstrates your ability to work in a variety of media, in both two and three dimensions. Examples include drawings, paintings, prints, collage and other mixed media work, sculpture, ceramics, and fibres work.
  • You may also include photographs, animation, film, video, audio recordings, and documentation of performance art.
  • Please tailor your portfolio to the specific program area to which you are applying.
  • Your work should show evidence of both technical skill and conceptual development. Basic abilities in drawing, composition and color-use must be demonstrated.
  • You may not submit your portfolio via email or through other websites.

All portfolios must be submitted through the department's web application.

The department reserves the right to refuse any portfolios that do not conform to the guidelines.

Step 3: Write your letter of intent

Your letter of intent should be no longer than one page and written in English or French. In general, it should describe your educational background and any relevant experience in art, as well as your expectations in relation to the programs to which you are applying.

  • What are your reasons for applying to this program? If you are particularly interested in an area within Studio Arts, please indicate why.
  • Describe your educational background and any relevant experience.
  • What are your goals and expectations in relation to this program?

Step 4: Submit your materials

Applicants must submit the portfolio directly to the Department of Studio Arts via the online application. 


  • Portfolio
  • Letter of intent
  • Photocopy (student copy) of most recent academic record(s) 
    • Where applicable: high school, community college, Cegep and university transcripts. 
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