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Out of province prescriptions: What you need to know

Source: Health Services

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If you have one or more prescriptions from outside of Quebec, it’s important to prepare in advance if you need them renewed. Prescription renewals are not automatic and may require an assessment when you are meeting with a new medical practitioner. 

Follow these steps to avoid stress and make sure that you get any prescriptions you need in time. 

  1. Before you arrive: Come to Montreal with as many refills of your prescription(s) as available, and any relevant documentation. For example, ask for a summary of all your prescriptions from your doctor or pharmacist so you can provide this information to other health care providers in Montreal.
  2. When in Quebec: One to three months before you run out of your prescription(s), book an appointment at Health Services
    It’s important to take this step in advance, as assessments or tests may be required to update your prescription(s). Additionally, some medications prescribed in other countries are not available in Canada and the doctor will need to find a suitable alterative. By booking your appointment well in advance, you can ensure there is enough time before you run out of refills.

Questions? If you have questions about your prescription(s) or medication, you can also speak to a pharmacist. For example, some medications that are available over the counter in other countries may require a prescription in Canada. By speaking to a pharmacist, you can know in advance if you will need to book an appointment with a doctor. Find out what a pharmacist can do for you.

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