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Senate notes: November 2021

Senate hears reports from Ombuds Office and Office of Rights and Responsibilities
November 25, 2021
By Howard Bokser

At the virtual meeting on November 12, 2021, Concordia President Graham Carr brought Senate up to date on a number of developments from the previous month.

  • Health and safety:
    • One case of COVID-19 reported on campus for the previous two weeks, 51 cases total since in the fall term, none of which were spread at Concordia
    • Concordia’s website added a COVID-19 dashboard
    • Some extracurricular activities, student club gatherings and public events will soon be allowed
    • Winter 2022 term will have significantly more in-person classes and activities
  • Sustainability:

Ombuds Office Annual Report

Concordia ombudsperson Amy Fish presented the Ombuds Office Annual Report 2020-21.

  • Cases decreased from the year before from 432 to 397, but the complexity increased, and investigations doubled from 10 to 20
  • These resulted in recommendations:
    • Offer IT support for online exams not backed by Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning, and respond to emails more quickly
    • Develop and implement a broader view of graduate admissions to support the success of a diverse student body and under-represented groups

Fish added that she believes Concordia is doing an outstanding job and shows a great willingness to collaborate on these cases.

Office of Rights and Responsibilities Annual Report 2020-21

Aisha Topsakal, director of the Office of Rights and Responsibilities, delivered its 2020-21 annual report. She added that Lisa White, now executive director of Concordia’s Equity Office, was director during the period of the report.

  • The office administers the university’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities and advises and assists members of the Concordia community on behavioural concerns
  • Case counts were similar to last year; harassment remained the most frequent type of case
  • Remote learning brought new challenges, such as poor online behaviour, the difficulties of managing emotionally charged situations virtually and increased isolation and anxiety
  • Examples included a false complaint regarding an international student; a professor who overheard online threats; and a potentially dangerous student being asked to take an involuntary leave

Revisions to the Policy on the Establishment of Tribunal Pools

Following up on a discussion brought up at the September 2021 meeting, Senate approved the revisions to the Policy on the Establishment of Tribunal Pools.

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