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Study abroad: Concordia Student Exchange Program (CSEP)

Do you like to travel? Would you like to interact with other cultures in a university setting taking approved courses that will count for credit towards your degree at Concordia? If you answered “yes” then you should look into studying abroad through the Student Exchange Program.


In order to be eligible, students in the Faculty of Arts and Science are required to comply with the following prerequisites:

  • Be registered in, and have successfully completed, at least 12 credits in the fall and 12 credits in the winter terms in the academic year prior to going abroad (the year of application); this includes being full-time (at least 12 credits completed) in the fall term if going abroad in the winter term.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.7 (B-)* in the year of application and maintaining this GPA until you leave on exchange.
    • CSEP transfer credits: Only credits for courses with grades of C- or higher (or equivalent) will transfer for approved courses. Courses with a PASS/DISC notation will not transfer for credit.
  • Language requirement: Not all schools offer courses in English, so students must have a strong mastery of the language of instruction at their host institution. Students hoping to attend a host school that does not offer courses in English must be able to study in that language, and will be asked to provide supporting documentation proving they can function in that language. 

*For schools requiring a higher GPA, please see the CSEP page.

How to apply for the CSEP

Please follow the instructions below and respect the deadlines:

  • By January 15 or June 1: Students must fill in the CSEP online exchange application.
  • By January 24 or June 13: Concordia International will inform students who are eligible to begin the course approval process.
    • Student Academic Services will communicate with students who do not meet eligibility requirements.
  • By February 10 or June 30: Students must submit, via email, their CSEP course approval form, course outlines or syllabi and a copy of their student record to their department advisor to review the course selection.
  • By February 24 or July 15: Students must submit their reviewed CSEP course approval form, course outlines of syllabi and a copy of their student record to Student Academic Services via
  • Letters of permission, or refusal, will be sent out after this.

What to consider?

  • Students should be aware of where they are in the program(s) and how many electives they have completed or left to complete (students must respect Residence Requirements).
  • Students should choose as many courses as possible for each school. All courses must be academic in nature; gym classes, for example, are not acceptable.
  • Students cannot be registered in courses at Concordia while on exchange.
  • Courses chosen must be at the undergraduate level and earn a letter or numerical grade. We do not accept Pass/Fail notations.
  • Ensure that the school(s) you choose has/have sufficient courses — either program or elective — in English if you do not understand the language of instruction of the school.


Bursaries are available for students participating on exchange.

Note: Students who wish to study at a school, other than those under the student exchange program, should review the available information on transfer credits.


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