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Concordia's advising mission statement

Student learning and advisor outcomes

The mission of Academic Advising is to understand the key role academic advisors play in undergraduate student satisfaction, retention, graduation rates—and Concordia's overall reputation.

Student learning outcomes

As a result of actively participating in academic advising, students can expect to:

  • Assume responsibility for informing themselves of, and meeting, their academic program requirements
  • Understand the university’s academic policies and procedures in the Undergraduate Calendar
  • Use university information, resources and services to assist them in setting academic goals
  • Identify, articulate and implement their academic goals

Advisor outcomes

  • Uphold ethical, knowledgeable and informed advising practices that communicate care and respect
  • Provide accurate, accessible and updated information about educational opportunities, academic requirements, policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with students on the development and implementation of academic plans and educational experiences congruent with the student’s interests and strengths, so that students can make informed decisions
  • Foster relationships with, and refer students to, campus programs, offices, and personnel that facilitate educational and personal growth
  • Support students in their pursuit of meaningful university experiences and progress toward achievement of individual academic goals
  • Use current available technology to support and enhance their work with students
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