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Student requests

Student requests are submitted when students wish to deal with exceptions to academic regulations or related matters, such as:

Students who are considering withdrawing from courses, or taking time away from their studies, may want to learn more about how this may impact their current studies or how they can return to their studies after deciding to step away from them. For more information on taking time off, please go to

The Faculty of Arts and Science Student Request Form must be submitted to your department and include:

  • Reasons for your request
  • Current copy of your student record
  • Supporting documentation validating request (e.g. medical documentation)
  • Professor note (for retroactive withdrawals, DNE or DISC) 
  • Students who cannot, themselves, based on extenuating circumstances, submit a Student request form, and who use a "third party" to submit one, must complete and include the University's Consent form. Third party Student Request forms submissions, without the consent form, will not be considered.  If students cannot fill in the University's Consent form, they will have the opportunity to submit a Student Request form when they are able to do so.

The department will then forward the Student Request, with the department advisor's signature, to Student Academic Services for a response which will then be sent to you by email.

Student Requests that need further consideration will be forwarded to the Student Request Committee (SRC). This committee generally meets every two weeks except over the summer. Students are informed of the committee's decision by email. Decisions of the SRC are final.

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