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Mordecai & Me: An Appreciation of a Kind

Mordecai & Me : An Appreciation of a Kind

By Joel Yanofsky

ISBN 0-88995-266-3
Hardcover, 336 pages

$34.95 CDN
$24.95 USD


When Mordecai Richler died, there was a tremendous and perhaps unexpected outpouring of affection for him. It was as if the adulation Richler had always rejected - from readers and critics, Canadian nationalists and Canadian Jews who claimed him as their own - had finally found its way free. In Mordecai & Me, Joel Yanofsky offers a personal, sometimes irreverent and sometimes affectionate look at the man.

Proposing that Richler was the most interesting character Richler himself never wrote about, Yanofsky provides a critical appreciation of Richler's career, as well as a memoir from the point of view of someone who was a colleague, critic and fan of Richler's work for three decades. The appearance of Mordecai & Me marks the first extended examination of Richler's sometimes misunderstood legacy.

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