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The Canadian Jewish Studies Reader

The Canadian Jewish Studies Reader

Edited by Richard Menkis
and Norman Ravvin

ISBN 0-88995-295-7
496 pages

$24.95 CDN

Winner of the 2006 Canadian
Jewish Book Award

Canadian Jewish Studies is a young field, often in the shadow of its American older sister. In The Canadian Jewish Studies Reader, editors Richard Menkis and Norman Ravvin demonstrate that what’s going on in Canada, critically and artistically, is every bit as interesting as the work being done in the United States. Essays included here address literature, visual arts, historical writing on such issues as the Holocaust, feminist research, ethnic studies, among other fields. Their aim is to address the way these different areas contribute to the way we understand Canadian Jewish identity.

Among the subjects examined in detail are writers Matt Cohen and Eli Mandel; early Jewish heroes and their relation to mainstream Canadian figureheads; the role of Yiddish in Canadian Jewish identity; postwar developments in ethnic relations; scandals like the little-known Yom Kippur Balls; the role of Jews in Quebec history and culture; and much more.

The volume also includes exciting visuals, for which the editors provide careful descriptions. This book will be of interest to anyone who cares about the way Canadian communities define themselves, both on their own terms and in relation to the mainstream.

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