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Faculty Council

Mandate of the Arts and Science Faculty Council

The purview of Faculty Council differs from, but is complementary to, the administrative and governance functions of the Office of the Dean, which is responsible for setting academic priorities within the Faculty of Arts and Science and managing the Faculty in accordance with Collective Agreements and other University policies. Faculty Council is also the body within the Faculty of Arts and Science that is responsible for making recommendations on academic matters to Senate.

In setting academic policies for the Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty Council is obliged to conform to criteria and guidelines established by Senate. This does not preclude Council from seeking the authorization of Senate to implement more stringent policies or requirements within the Faculty.

Chair (votes only in the event of a tie)
Dr. P. Sicotte Dean and Chair
Secretary of Council (non-voting)
Ms. J. Muir Executive Secretary 
Ex-officio (voting)
Dr. G.Carr President and Vice-Chancellor 
Dr. A. Whitelaw Provost and Vice-President, Academic or delegate
Dr. D. Bérubé Vice-President, Research & Graduate Studies or delegate
Dr. C. De Wolf Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Dr. P. Caignon Associate Dean, Student Academic Services
Dr. J. Didur Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Inclusion
Dr. R. Courtemanche Associate Dean, Academic Programs
Dr. F. Scala Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Dr. A. Johnson Associate Dean, Research and Infrastructure
Voting members
Full-time faculty member from each Department and College
Dr. R. Reilly Applied Human Sciences
Dr. S. Dayanandan Biology  
Dr. G. Ó hAllmhuráin School of Irish Studies
Dr. P. Joyce Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Dr. B. Nelson Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Dr. E. Miller Communication Studies
Dr. J. Hansen Economics
Dr. S. Carliner Education
Dr. S. Yeager English
Dr. F. Naudillon Études françaises
Dr. N. St-Onge Health, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
Dr. C. Townsend Geography, Planning and Environment
Dr. A. Rowley History
Dr. A. Hunter Journalism
Dr. J. Carty Liberal Arts College
Dr. J. Grant Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability
Dr. M. Bertola Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. E. Angelova Philosophy
Dr. V. Zazubovits Physics
Dr. D. Salée Political Science
Dr. A. Ryder Psychology
Dr. N. Cohn Religions & Cultures
Dr. A. Sheftel School of Community and Public Affairs
Dr. E. Despland Science College
Dr. K. Manning Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Dr. M. Lafrance Sociology and Anthropology
Dr. A. Gagne Theological Studies
Part-time faculty
Scott Chlopan Education
Kathleen MacDonald Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Undergraduate students (voting)
Keli Geers ASFA
Ana Weinstein-Wright ASFA
Jonnathan Koonings ASFA

Scarlet Guy


Sarah Menard


Grace-Amanda Jones

Lacey Boudreau  
Graduate Students (voting)
Kristen Irvine GSA
Non-voting members
3 Associate Deans rotate

Delegate - Dean of Graduate Studies

Ms. M. Rivosecchi Delegate - University Librarian 

Ms. S. De Celles

Registrar or Delegate
Rachel Berger, Peter Pawelek or Mamoun Medraj Dean of the School of Graduate Studies or Delegate
TBD Chief Communications Officer or Delegate
Dr. M. Sharma John Molson School of Business
Dr. D. Meneksedag Erol Engineering and Computer Science

Ms. S. Baptiste-Brown

Institute for Co-operative Education
Ms. J. Stutsman Principal, Director of Development, Arts and Science
Ms. E. De Martinis
Senior Financial Chief Officer, Arts and Science
Ms. I. Lacelle Senior Director of Strategic Development and Faculty Operations
Ms. L. Tran Faculty Affairs Officer

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