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How to hire a Co-op student

Hiring our students is simple and efficient.

We facilitate the entire hiring process for you by promoting work-term offers and arranging interviews with students.

Employers enjoy great flexibility in hiring when they participate in the Co-op program. Some employers may hire up to 20 students per semester. Others have fluctuating needs and may hire just one or two for special projects and campaigns, or as replacements for parental leaves or sabbaticals.

Students are available from a variety of disciplines.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

Our work terms run parallel to university semesters.

If you post a work term in... The student will work for you from...
May to August (Summer) September to December (Fall)
September to December (Fall) January to April (Winter)
January to April (Winter) May to August (Summer)

Note: in some cases, students can work for you over two consecutive semesters.

Click here to learn about our important dates

The more detail included, the better. Specify the number of positions offered, along with application deadline and the start date, if these have been established. You can post your job desciption yourself on our online system at after creating a profile on Compass or send it to the Institute if you encounter any issues. We’ll post the jobs on our online system (COMPASS) for five business days unless otherwise specified by you. Students can also apply directly via your website or by email.

Once you have selected the students you wish to interview, please schedule your interviews directly on our online database Compass. You may choose to interview at your location or at the Co-op offices on our downtown Montreal campus. Employers outside of Montreal can conduct interviews by phone or online through a video connection. Should you wish to schedule phone or video conference interviews, please be sure to include your contact information (i.e. telephone number, email address; Skype ID). For more help, click the following links:

How to book an interview

How to select students for interviews

(First round only)

After all your interviews have been completed, please submit your rankings through our online database Compass. We will notify you of the results the day after Job Match Day. Should you have received a match, we will send you the student(s)’ contact information. For more help, click the following link How to Rank a student


(Second round- Continuous Placement)

After the interviews, please submit your rankings to the Co-op office by email at .We will notify the Co-op student(s) of your offer, and then we will connect you with the student(s) once they have confirmed their acceptance.

Post your job today

First-time employer? Send an email to  or call us weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Montreal time): 514-848-2424 ext. 3950 for instructions on submitting a job description or if you have any other questions.

Returning employer? Log into COMPASS, and post the position at your convenience. 

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