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Seminars for Success

Faculty of Arts and Science students in conditional standing must take these steps to lift a registration block

If you are a Faculty of Arts and Science student in conditional standing after your first year, you are subject to a course registration block.

What the block means:

  • you may not add courses for the current academic year
  • you may still drop courses
  • you are not eligible to write supplemental exams
  • you may still write replacement exams if you received prior permission.

If you already submitted a request to write a supplemental exam, your account will be credited the supplemental fee. 

You can avoid a course registration block now and in the future provided you complete all stages of the Seminars for Success program, run by the Faculty of Arts and Science.

You're strongly encouraged to also meet with your department advisor to discuss any issues related to program requirements, course selection or other circumstances related to their program. Please be aware that meeting with your department advisor will not replace your required participation in the Seminars for Success.

Working to regain acceptable standing in your next annual assessment means you will avoid the consequences of failed standing.

Seminars for Success

The program is designed to improve your experience as a student in the Faculty of Arts and Science by helping you better understand any obstacles to your academic success, learn about resources to support you during your academic career and connect with these resources to work toward acceptable standing in future terms.

To maximize the benefits of Seminars for Success, the faculty has made it mandatory to participate in each one of the the following three sessions:

  • Session 1,  over the summer, a two-hour Zoom group meeting, completion of which will remove the registration block
  • Session 2, mid-way through the fall term, a two-hour follow-up Zoom group meeting
  • Session 3, early in winter term, before the DNE deadline, a one-on-one meeting with a faculty-level advisor 

You will also have opportunities to meet with support service staff from across the university throughout the year.

To continue your participation in the Seminars for Success program, please sign up for session two now. Choose from these times:

Frequently asked questions

You will be able to register for courses following your completion of the summer session of Seminars for Success. The program runs throughout the academic year, including a follow-up group meeting in the fall term and one-on-one sessions with a faculty-level advisor in winter term.

Remember, if you miss any stage of the program, you will be subject to reactivation of the registration block.

The main goal of the program is to help you regain acceptable standing in your next academic assessment. For that reason, you do still need to take part in Seminars for Success. 

While the registration block may have been imposed after you registered for courses, keep in mind you will not be able to add any further courses or change sections unless you take part in Seminars for Success. You may still drop courses. 

Remember that you cannot have two conditional standing assessments in a row, or you will be in failed standing. 

The registration block applies to anyone in the Faculty of Arts and Science in conditional standing following the university's assessment of your academic performance annually at the end of May. Your assessment grade point average factors in all courses you attempted in the previous summer, fall and winter terms.

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