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The Co-Curricular Record recognizes the non-academic activities that students participate in throughout their time as a Concordia student. It is a compliment to your transcript and is designed to help give you a full picture of the knowledge you grained throughout your academic career.

Explore Co-Curricular experiences

There are a variety of co-curricular experiences offered by many departments across the univiersity and student groups you can take part in, whether it be of personal interest or professional development. Check out the Co-Curricular Catalogue to view current positions (positions are added throughout the year).

Adding to your co-curricular experience

Students are responsible for adding positions to their own record. Positions should always be added after they have been completed and only positions for the current academic year will be available. 

To add a position to your CCR you will need to access the Co-Curricular Record database.

Once signed in important information, such as deadlines and maintenance will appear on the home page.

From the dashboard, you are able to:

  • Add a position you've completed to your CCR record
  • Complete the Position Request Form to add a new position to a new or existing activity

View step by step guidelines

Value of participating in Co-curricular experiences

The CCR offers students with diverse opportunities to engage in activities identified as fostering learning through personal growth and professional development. It allows students to build employability skills and enhance transferable skills.


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