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Changes to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Procedures for International Postdoctoral Fellows – CIC Employer Portal

As of October 26, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) implemented a series of changes to the way in which Work Permits for foreign academic visitors and postdoctoral fellows are issued.

Under the new requirements, Canadian universities must submit an Offer of Employment to A Foreign National Exempt from a Labour Market Impact Assessment form, and pay a $230 compliance fee using an electronic system, the Employer Portal, for every international postdoctoral fellow invited. Once the form is submitted and the fee is paid an ID number will be generated, which the international postdoctoral fellow will need to submit with his/her work permit application. International postdocs will not be able to get an employer-specific work permit if their employer has not submitted the required form and paid the fee via the Employer Portal.

Supervisors and departments can no longer submit the form directly, instead the Postdoctoral Officer at Concordia University will provide support with the completion of this task. Supervisors wishing to invite an international postdoctoral fellow to Concordia University are requested to contact the Postdoctoral Development Coordinator at Concordia University, Niyusha Samadi, for further information.

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