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Current Horizon postdocs

Research program title Recipient
Game Studies and Design
Mia Consalvo
Dan Staines
Neuronal ensembles of extinction memories
Mihaela Iordanova
Belinda Lay
Initiative for Indigenous Futures
Jason Edward Lewis
Leuli Eshraghi
Dopaminergic regulation of circadian clock gene expression and function in mammalian forebrain
Shimon Amir
Konrad Schottner
Sleep and Cognition
Thanh Dang-Vu
Florian Chouchou,
Aurore Perrault
Joint attention in second language learning
Kim McDonough and Pavel Trofimovich
Dato Abashidze
Histories of Photography in Canada
Martha Langford
Erin Silver
Web Mapping & Oral History
Steven High and Sébastien Caquard
Rodolphe Gonzalès
Impact of early adversity on human brain development: epigenetic mechanisms
Linda Booij
Mari Sild
Confronting Able-ism: Social Innovation, Research Creation and Collaborative Media-Making
Kim Sawchuk and Giuliana Cucinelli
Vero Leduc
Postdoctoral fellow in clinical metabolomics
Dajana Vuckovic
Shama Naz
Bilingual language processing and brain imaging
Natalie Phillips
Angela Grant
Optimizing physician training in motivational communication (MC) skills for health behavior change
Simon L. Bacon and Kim L. Lavoie
Geneviève Szczepan‎ik          
Business family transitions: Entrepreneurship and asset allocation within and beyond the family firm
Michael Carney and Rob Nason
Ambra Mazzelli
Improving Outcomes in Persons at Risk for Depression
Mark A. Ellenbogen
Kelvin Wong
The Politics of Social Gerontology in Asian Post-Industrialised Societies
Patrik Marier and Meghan Joy
Kyu Ho Lee
External Knowledge Representations in Children’s Mathematics Learning
Helena P. Osana
Anne Lafay
Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage: Inter-Generational Studies of Developmental Psychopathology, Education and Health
Lisa A. Serbin and Dale M. Stack
Daniel Dickson
Social Pedagogy to Curb Online Hate: An Interdisciplinary Program Investigating Innovative Educational and Socio-Cultural Practices for Building Resilience Against Hate Speech in an Era of Post-Web 2.0
Vivek Venkatesh
Ryan Scrivens
Chronic Stress, Sleep, and Health
Jean-Philippe Gouin
Chantal Paquin,
Catherine Ouellet-Courtois
Examining Nutrition Requirements in Bariatric Surgery Patients
Sylvia Santosa
Tsz King Bjorn Tam
Listening, Oral History Performance, and Radical Performance Art
Luis Sotelo-Castro
Rajni Shah
Understanding the structuring effect of societal factors on immigrants’ participation in Quebec: An investigation in 24 localities
Antoine Bilodeau and Mireille Paquet
Jean-Philippe Gauvin
Visual Marketing
Bianca Grohmann and Aaron Johnson
Leon Franzen
Children’s Virtual Play: Developing Identity and Resilience in Early Childhood
Sandra Chang-Kredl and Vivek Venkatesh
Danny Mamlok
Neural circuitry of credit assignment
Mihaela Iordanova
Czarina Evangelista
Inuit Futures in Arts Leadership: The Pilimmaksarniq/Pijariuqsarniq Project
Heather Igloliorte
Reilley Bishop-Stall
Science-Based Targets for Corporate Environmental Sustainability: The Case of Organizational Life Cycle Assessment
Shannon M. Lloyd
Anders Bjoern
Transnational Postsocialist Media Networks
Joshua Neves and Masha Salazkina
Ishita Tiwary
Psychosocial Drivers of Optimal Functioning Across Life Transitions: A Substantive-Methodological Synergy of Research and Training
Alexandre J.S. Morin
István Tóth-Király
Novel mechanisms regulating cancer cell division
Alisa Piekny
Su Pin Koh
Mitigating adversity: Emotional competence as a developmental mechanism for wellbeing in early adulthood
Dale M. Stack and Lisa A. Serbin
Kalee De France
Oral History & Audio Archiving
Jason Camlot and Steven High
Mathieu Aubin
Evaluation of a Leadership Development Program for Nurse Managers
Kathleen Boies
Julie Fréchette
Open Science Practice in Infant Research
Krista Byers-Heinlein
Rodrigo Dal Ben de Souza
Beyond Humanism: Other Ways of Knowing
Erin Manning
Andre Fogliano
Brilliant Thinkers, Empathic Therapists: What Explains the Gender Gap in Philosophy versus Psychology?
Katharina Nieswandt and Kristen Dunfield  
Heather Maranges
Co-construction of Knowledge: Indigenous Languages and Universal Grammar
Charles Reiss and Daniela Isac
Maxime Papillon
Research program title Recipient
Integrable Probability: Quantum weighted Hurwitz numbers and asymptotics
John Harnad and Lea Popovic
Janosch Ortmann
Quantifying carbon budgets for ambitious climate mitigation targets
H. Damon Matthews
Nadine Mengis
Emulation and Design of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motor Drive Systems
Pragasen Pillay
Mathews Boby
Earthquake Resilient Reinforced Concrete Masonry Buildings
Khaled Galal
Mohammad Bolhassani
Study of novel solar energy applications to buildings and infrastructure
Andreas K. Athienitis
Katherine D'Avignon
Fatima Zohra Amara
Formal Verification of Cyber-physical Systems
Sofiène Tahar
Waqar Ahmad
Virtual simulation platform for new generation of high-load capacity and high-speed frame steered vehicles
Subhash Rakheja
Hamid Taghavifar
Connectivity and Convergence to Consensus in Asymmetric Networks
Amir G. Aghdam
Cyber Security, Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Resilient Control Recovery of Critical Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Infrastructure
Kash Khorasani
Amir Baniamerian
Restoration of Blurred Images Captured under Insufficient Lighting or Atmospheric Turbulence
M. Omair Ahmad and M.N.S. Swamy
Ahlad Kumar
Nanoscience meets neuroscience: enhancement of optogenetic methods by means of nanoparticles
Peter Shizgal and John Capobianco
Deming Liu
Millimeter-wave reconfigurable antennas for wireless communication and imaging Systems
Abdel Sebak
Mehdi Dadgarpour
Nanomedicinal Chemistry – A Targeted Approach to Antiviral Drug Delivery
Rafik Naccache and Pat Forgione
Yanjie Liang
Sustainable Urban Transportation Planning
Ivan Contreras and Gilbert Laporte
Diego Ponce Lopez,
Pedram Hooshangitabrizi
Energy Efficiency Enhancement in Buildings Based on a Data-Driven Approach
Fariborz Haghighat
Karthik Panchabikesan
Liquid Accelerated Cold Spray for Coating Deposition and Additive Manufacturing
Christian Moreau and Ali Dolatabadi
Mehdi Jadidi
Modeling Comparative Enzyme Inhibition
Ann M. English and Gilles H. Peslherbe
Ritu Arora
Screening, Characterization and Production of Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics for the Exclusive Use in Livestock Production
Adrian Tsang and Brandon Findlay
Yousof Ali
Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Cooperative Control of Microgrids with Wind Power Integration
Youmin Zhang
Hamed Badihi
Linking peroxide sensing and heme mobilization
Ann English and Gilles H. Peslherbe
Mohamed Aboelnga
Structural Vibration and Noise Control using Smart Magnetorheological Fluids and Elastomers
Ramin Sedaghti and Subhash Rakheja
Masoud Hemmatian
Automated Ongoing Commissioning of Energy Performance of Commercial and Institutional Buildings
Radu Zmeureanu
Md Shamim Ahamed
The gene to ecosystem consequences of fisheries-induced evolution on sustainable fisheries
Dylan Fraser and Pedro Peres-Neto
Hyung-Bae Jeon
Advanced nanostructured carbon materials for renewable energy storage
Zhibin Ye
Xudong Liu
Enhancing the acceptability of psychological treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder
Adam S. Radomsky
Martha Giraldo O'Meara
Reservoirs’ Energy and Water Exchange with Atmosphere (REWEX)
Ali Nazemi
Iftikhar Ali,
Samaneh Ashraf
Lanthanide Nanoparticles for Deep Photodynamic Therapy and Imaging Modality
John A. Capobianco
Gabriella Tessitore
Integration of Modular Building Envelopes and Systems at the New CFI Lab – Concordia Field Research Facility for Buildings of the Future
Liangzhu (Leon) Wang and Hua Ge
Lin Wang
Ultrasound imaging and machine learning in diagnosis and surgical guidance
Hassan Rivaz and Paul Martineau
Mina Amiri
Data Analytics for System-On-Module Solutions
Emad Shihab
Diego Costa
Proactive Security for Attack-Resilient Microgrids: Detection, Mitigation and Recovery
Mourad Debbabi and Jun Yan
Mohsen Ghafouri
Multimodal Neuroimaging of Sleep and Cognition
Christophe Grova and Thanh Dang Vu
Makoto Uji
Understanding the Effects of Work Hardening and Residual Stresses on the Water Droplet Erosion Performance of Materials
Mamoun Medraj
Abdullahi Kachalla Gujba
Mass-personalized high-precision products using hybrid electrochemical advanced manufacturing processes
Rolf Wuthrich
Gobinath Vellapalayam Manoharan
Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of Emerging Contaminants from Water
Zhi Chen
Samia Ben Hammouda
Converting low-grade heat waste and wastewater effluents to electricity via membrane technologies
Saifur Rahaman and Catherine Mulligan
Khaled Touati
Formulate pilot knowledge using MBSE methodology to improve the efficiency of pilot training and aircraft product designing
Yong Zeng
Jaemun Sim
Applications and Services Provisioning in Tactile Internet
Roch Glitho
Amin Ebrahimzadeh
Multi-hazard design framework and resilience assessment of steel buildings of different occupancies
Lucia Tirca and Ted Stathopoulos
Anastasia Athanasiou
Simulation study of photovoltaic system integration in buildings and communities to provide input to public policy
Andreas Athienitis and Ursula Eicker
James Bambara
Humanizing yeast exosomes for therapeutic applications
Aashiq Kachroo and Christopher Brett
Jeffrey Bouffard
Development of smart nanostructured crosslinked networks: A versatile approach to solving conundrum for robust self-healability and enhanced mechanical properties
John Oh
Pothana Gandhi Nellepalli
Decoding memory consolidation: Machine learning in sleep and across the lifespan
Emily Coffey
Pouya Ghaemmaghami
Sustainable FRP-reinforced Concrete Infrastructure
Khaled Galal
Alireza Asadianardakani
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