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User agreement

Agreements exist for researchers, teachers and individuals who wish to use any of the tools within the Learning Toolkit+ (LTK+). 


I am from a school board or a non-profit organization who wishes to implement the LTK+ throughout the organization.

Should you intend to use any of the tools within the LTK+ and their accompanying support materials throughout your organization, we request that you first sign a Learning Toolkit+ User Agreement.

Please submit these completed documents via email.

Individuals and parents

I am a single school, an individual (e.g. a home schooler) or parent who wishes to use the Learning Toolkit+.

Please send your request via email.


I am from an academic or research institution and wish to use the Learning Toolkit+ for research purposes.

Should you intend to use the CSLP Learning Toolkit+, or any or all of the English or French software tools and support materials contained therein such as ABRACADABRA, READS, ELM, ePEARL, IS-21 for research purposes, you must:

  1. Obtain prior written consent from the researchers at Concordia University who developed the toolkit, through a Request for Permission to use the LTK+.
  2. Sign a Learning Toolkit+ Licensing Agreement

Request for Permission to use the LTK+ should include:

  • A description of the proposed project
  • Evidence of prior or planned training in the use of the tool(s)
  • Proposed strategies for implementation fidelity
  • The nature and extent of the CSLP’s planned involvement and collaboration including authorship arrangements

Please submit these completed documents via email.

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