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The Learning Toolkit+ (LTK+) is a suite of English and French tools designed to support the development of literacy, numeracy, information literacy and self-regulated learning skills.


Designed for competency-based curricula and extensively researched, the LTK+ is a suite of five, bilingual (English/French), web-based, interactive tools targeting competencies in early literacy, early numeracy, information literacy and self-regulation. In addition to the Student module, each tool offers comprehensive, multimedia Teacher and Parent modules to support their use in the classroom and at home. 

The LTK+ is stored on a school board or a school server and is accessed through teacher or student accounts. In response to the pandemic, our literacy tools and support material were consolidated on a literacy portal. These tools and resources do not require a user account, so will not produce teacher reports of student progress.

These tools have been developed over many years by multi-disciplinary teams, thanks to the generosity of many funders.

The tools


ABRA supports children's (kindergarten to grade 6) acquisition of early literacy, through dozens of engaging and interactive activities and stories. READS is an organized catalogue of hundreds of multilingual and multinational online books that may be used alongside ABRA to foster fluency and comprehension. 


Working from the concrete to abstract, dozens of interactive activities designed to develop early elementary students' (kindergarten to grade 3) understanding of foundational mathematical concepts, while reducing their math anxiety.


A process (or learning) and showcase portfolio designed to develop students' self-regulated learning skills, where students can set goals, and save, revise, reflect and seek feedback on their work. ePEARL offers three levels (1 - Early elementary; 2 - Late elementary; 3 - Secondary) with levels 2 and 3 further developing the Planning, Doing, Reflection cycle.


Designed to develop middle school students' (grade 5 to 8) competencies in information literacy as they are guided through the inquiry process.

Global reach

In addition to Canada, the LTK+ has been studied in diverse geographic regions including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda and the U.K.

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The majority of our research projects have been implemented in partnership with Concordia University and other academic and NGO organizations.

Our current lead partners

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