The Future Skills Innovation Network (FUSION) has developed a 10-hour online curriculum to enhance student skill development in three critical 21st century skill domains:

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Metacognition

These skill domains were selected based on their repeated prioritization in surveys of employers and their perceived centrality to ‘next-generation’ employment opportunities for university graduates.


The curriculum is designed to be wrapped around university online or in-person experiential learning activities to help students’ development of these critical skill domains.

Explore (4 hours)

Apply (3 hours)

Reflect (2 hours)

This curriculum will consist of guided self-assessments, exercises, reflections, case studies and other activities to provide students with the practice and guidance they need to meaningfully improve their skills.

Learning outcomes

learning outcomes infographic


  • Identify how to adjust communications based on context, audience, purpose and medium (Communication)
  • Analyze and deconstruct a simulated work problem using the stages of the problem-solving cycle (Problem solving)
  • Identify and articulate personal learning strategies and strengths in learning and processing information (Metacognition)

See the detailed FUSION integrated online curriculum

Potential benefits

Wrapping the FUSION curriculum around university online or in-person experiential learning activities has the potential to:

  • Heighten students’ awareness of skill development during experiential learning activities;
  • Help students build skills in three skill domains that are important to employers;
  • Support students in their skills articulation and transition to the future world of work;
  • Provide instructors and program managers with additional instructional support.

Adaptability, collaboration, and inclusivity

Following the success of the original FUSION curriculum, launched online in fall 2020 at each of the six FUSION institutions, FUSION has developed three new skills modules in the domains of adaptability, collaboration, and inclusivity. More details forthcoming in Summer 2022!

Learn more

For more information, or to explore how the FUSION curriculum can help provide value to your Concordia course or program and students, contact Concordia’s FUSION Project Lead:

FUSION Concordia collaborators

  • Applied Human Sciences Department (Fall 2021)
  • Kristel Kabigting (Fall 2021)
    Career Advisor, Career & Planning Services 
  • Olivia Piccirelli (Fall 2021)
    Alumni Officer, External Partnership, University Advancement
  • Stefanie Corona (Fall 2020)
    Professional Development Lead, Institute for Co-operative Education
  • Alice Isac (Fall 2020)
    Program Coordinator, Beat the Odds
  • Ying Li
    Curriculum Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Dalia Radwan 
    Curriculum Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Contact FUSION Concordia

Project Lead: Megan Marcoux
514-848-2424, ext. 2495
S-FB 620-10

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