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FUSION has set ambitious goals to break new ground in post-secondary education skills development through targeted pilot projects focused on:

  1. Integrating skill development in formal and informal learning;
  2. Increasing access to and success at university for underrepresented students; and 
  3. Developing flexible learning formats to better facilitate skill acquisition.

The network model will help speed experimentation and scale effective approaches to each project undertaken.

Collaborative network model

FUSION’s network model orients a collaborative group of problem-solvers, from across six institutions, around a common set of challenges to speed the diffusion of successful innovations reaching thousands of students across Canada.

FUSION promises to challenge conventional structures for training and development, from mode of delivery and teaching practices, to structures for credentialing, while supporting students’ abilities to translate skills attained to match those needed in a rapidly changing economy.

A priority for this work is reaching underrepresented groups, including Indigenous students, women in STEM, students with disabilities and racialized groups. 

As the only cross-institutional network of universities in Canada focused on innovation in skills development, FUSION will contribute research, data, methodologies, new program formats, and new learning pathways to the larger constellation of partners and participants associated with the Future Skills Centre.

The network fills a vital gap in Canada’s skills ecosystem through its role in scaling effective approaches to skills development in post-secondary education.

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