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Public scholar: Dalia Elsayed

How does race, gender, class and other categories of identity and oppression impact Black women’s experiences in academic spaces?

My inspiration

Dalia Elsayed is a PhD candidate in Concordia’s Department of Education. She received her Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar, with a focus on Middle Eastern and African studies. Dalia completed her master’s degree in Qatar University’s Gulf Studies Program where her research focused on power structures under Sharia law, non-western forms of feminist discourses and Islamic feminist resistance in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Dalia’s PhD research focuses on race, critical theory, intersectionality and feminist epistemology. Her scholarship seeks to understand blackness in a global perspective focusing particularly on the experiences of the Black African in the diaspora. In doing so, Dalia is interested in understanding the different narratives and frameworks that contribute to the formation and the articulation of Black identity/identities globally.




English, Arabic


David Waddington, Vivek Venkatesh

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