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Become a Public Scholar

Qualifying training

Strategic Public Communications Training

The Strategic Public Communications Training is a five-week seminar (not for credit) that teaches PhD students research dissemination, content creation, and strategic social media management. The seminar runs from January to February and comprises five two-hour workshops as well as asynchronous activities. Throughout the training, you will be asked to apply your learning by producing a research pitch video and regular social media content.

Upon completion of the program requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion, and a notation on your GradProSkills record.

Training schedule

The training programs run every Winter term between January and February.

Week 1 and 2
Program introduction and knowledge democratization
Acquire necessary skills and tools to innovate and democratize research knowledge outside the academic context.
Week 3
Preparing a successful research pitch
Develop a compelling and brief engaging presentation of your PhD research that can be presented in any context to a diverse, non-specialist audience.
Week 4
Writing for the public
Outline the key elements, ideas and strategies that contribute to writing accessibly for a broad audience.
Weeks 5
Social media training
Explore the professional side of social media and start positioning yourself as an influencer in your field by creating captivating content and managing online presence.

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