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Become a Public Scholar

What to expect

All applicants to the Public Scholars program must first complete the Strategic Public Communications Training that is offered each winter. This training teaches the fundamentals of research communication and helps you prepare a stronger application to the program.

After successfully completing our training, you will be invited to submit your application to become a Public Scholar. A committee selects 10 Public Scholars for a one-year tenure.

If chosen as a Public Scholar, you will engage with the community-at-large about your research or research-creation work, its impact on our society, and the competencies your PhD program has helped you develop. You will be expected to complete specific deliverables and training, within the program timeline, to receive the Public Scholar award.

Commitments and deliverables

During your tenure (May-April) you should expect to dedicate approximately 10 hours per week to fulfill the program requirements and deliverables which translate into:

  1. Complete the Public Scholars advanced training program
  2. Produce regular social media content and frequently engage your audience on LinkedIn. Based on the research relevance, candidates may use X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, or Instagram.
  3. Populate your Public Scholar’s profile page including your research inspiration, photo, video, and biography.
  4. Publish a set of lasting public-facing material:
    • At least one Op-Ed in The Montreal Gazette and/or Le Devoir.
    • One article in The Conversation
    • At least two longform social media posts (written or video)
    • One research spotlight video
    • One Concordia News article
    • Media interviews (i.e., TV, radio, print, podcast) – optional, as opportunities come.
  5. Participate in community outreach activities:
    • Community or knowledge mobilization events – optional, as opportunities come.
    • Recruitment and alumni engagement events – optional, as opportunities come.
    • Participate in 3MT or MT180 competition - optional.
    • Join the Concordia Alumni Connect program – optional.
  6. Prepare a monthly report that analyzes the impact of your social media and outreach activities, as well as attend a monthly meeting.  

Advanced training and coaching

To support you in meeting the program commitments and deliverables, Public Scholars receive further training and coaching during their tenure. Our personalized training deepens your ability to communicate with public and media outlets and boosts your confidence to become a leader in your field.

Our specific training modules include:

  • Program onboarding
  • Writing compelling commentary (op-ed writing)
  • Event organization
  • Translating your research into policy
  • How to position yourself as a source?
  • Media and public relations
  • Individual consultations on their LinkedIn profile and resume
  • Introduction to the mentorship program – optional
  • 3MT/MT180 competition training – optional

Program timeline

May Welcome meeting
Photo shoot & webpage preparation
June Announcement of new Scholars
July - August Video shoot
June - May Monthly meetings and reports
Scholars meet the commitments and produce the deliverables of the program
June - March Advanced training and coaching sessions
October - March Public Scholars spotlight series


The selected 10 Public Scholars are given a $10,000 award paid in four installments.

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