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Andréa Cartile

How can we better support the complex interactions between people, process, and product in aircraft design and development?

My inspiration

Andréa Cartile is a doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering. She holds bachelor degrees in biology specialization and mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in quality systems engineering from Concordia. Andrea’s research focuses on modeling the aircraft design and development process. The objective of her work is to develop a modeling framework to inform a software tool that could better support the aircraft design process. Andrea is fortunate to work with researchers at Concordia and the Royal Military College of Canada, with the researchers examining different aspects of the aircraft design process. Her research is sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and two industrial partners — Cascade Aerospace and Marinvent Corporation.


Mechanical Engineering


English, French


Catharine Marsden and Susan Liscouet-Hanke

Developing new ways to model
aircraft design and production processes

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