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Undergraduate Advising or Assistance

HELP US HELP YOU BETTER  - How to get help

Updated: 01/16/2024

Dear Undergraduate Students,

Welcome back and for some of you, welcome to BCEE!

If not able to 1st self-serve (there is a lot of useful information at the top of the form below, especially re: when to reach out to the Department vs when to go to SAS directly (see table below for details). Please take the time to read it as it may resolve your glitches right away), the way to correctly put in a help request, is through our usual system, which is to fill out this form: click here

As of the first day of classes (Jan. 15th) until the DNE deadline (Jan. 29th),  we experience a higher than usual volume of assistance requests, including those that had been put in by students during the summer. Rest assured that you will be answered in the order that your request was received.

AT THIS TIME: Please allow 5-business days for a ticket reply.


-We ask that you please only use this form, and not send emails to the Assistants/Advisor/Directors directly as they will only then be forwarded to reception, who will ask you to fill out the form. This will delay you taking place our virtual line up.

-DNE Deadline is January 29, 2024.  Please note that any form filled out AFTER 5pm on Friday, January 26th 2024 CANNOT be guaranteed a reply on time for the DNE deadline. This does not mean not to put in a request for help after that DATE; it just means that we will try our best to serve everyone by then, but cannot promise to be able to serve everyone if all come in last minute.

For any questions, you may email the reception at

BCEE Administration

NOTE: All registration opening dates can be found here.


-Any financial question relating to your student account or financial block. For this, you must email and visit and/or visit:

-Any scholarship and bursary question. 

-Any immigration question (study permit, etc).


-Difficulties registering for a class?

-Questions about the undergraduate calendar?

-Questions about your program and options

  • Verification that you meet program requirements. 
  • Getting a list of all options offered to you. 
  • Help in choosing courses. 

-General education electives

  • General education electives (section 71.110 of the Undergraduate Calendar)

-Technical electives

  • Technical electives (section 71.50 of the Undergraduate Calendar)


-All 200 level courses which are pre-requisites for courses in the program must be passed at least a C-.

-All 200 level courses must be completed before taking any 400 level courses.



-Special Requests

-Transfer credits from previous studies

-International Exchange

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